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5 Reasons to Convert Word Files into PDF

Document sharing is one of the most important things related to running a business. Businesses know how important it is to protect their files, which is why they go to different lengths to make sure that their files don’t get compromised. In a world that is constantly being altered by technology, you need to make sure that you are using the best tech possible.

Despite the growing popularity of different word-processing programs, Microsoft Word still takes charge as the best document-writing platform. However, there are several instances when word files may not be fit for sharing. Here are some reasons why you should convert your word files into PDF for secure sharing.

1. PDF Documents Can’t Be Altered

When you are running a business, you need to make sure that your internal business files are not altered without your permission. If any outside party is able to get access to your files and able to alter them, it could cost millions. So, you need to choose a file format that is safe from future alterations, which is exactly what PDF offers. PDF comes in very handy when you are sending documents such as invoices, contracts, or results.

2. PDF Documents Keep Their Formatting

The best thing about the PDF format is that it is platform-independent, which means it doesn’t matter if you open it on Windows, macOS, or Linux; it will keep the document formatting regardless. However, on the other side, word documents may look completely different if you share them from Windows to Mac. You can easily convert any word file into PDF using this tool and share your files without any worries.

3. PDF Documents Are Mobile Friendly

In an age where information needs to be extracted anytime and anywhere, your files should be mobile-friendly. As mentioned before, PDF files keep their format regardless of the platform; they also retain their formatting on mobile devices. You can easily open PDF files from your browser as you don’t need to install any third-party app, which is another plus.

4. PDF Documents Can Be Protected

Where word limits file security by only providing read-on mode (in which you can still copy the text), PDF takes it one step further by providing the user with the option to password-protect their files. All you need to do is to open the usage restrictions section on your file and add a password to your file.

5. PDF Documents Have Only One Version

Last but not least, you might have noticed that some word files get changed with versions. Microsoft Word is constantly altering its software and making it better; however, with newer versions of the program, older version files may not be supported, or its formatting might get messed up. As PDF documents are not linked to a specific version, you don’t need to worry even if you are opening a PDF file from ten years ago, and it will still work the same way as it used to.

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