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Shopify SEO Guide: SEO Tips for eCommerce Platform Shopify

Shopify is a very big eCommerce platform for your Ecommerce Store. Most of the sellers use Shopify for online business. If you are looking to grow your business then online marketing is a very important part. Follow the “Shopify SEO Guide” that will help to improve the website structure, search engine visibility, and ranking.

Why Use Shopify SEO Guide for E-commerce Platform?

  • Advanced Shopify Tools
  • Advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Features
  • Easy to Understand Admin

Shopify Ecommerce Platform SEO Tips & Tricks

Shopify is a very advanced CMS and Mostly Search Engine Elements are already implemented. Search Engine Optimization has the main role in increasing sales from Search Engines.

At the time of creating a new page, the canonical tag implemented itself.

  • Generate sitemap.xml automatically.
  • Easy to integrate Google Analytics
  • Product Review App Installation is Easy.
  • Blog Features is configured easily

Some Important SEO Elements

Shopify SEO Guide” is incomplete without Keywords Research. So Good keyword research is very important for increasing website traffic and sales.

Research Right Keywords: Firstly Start with some long-tail keywords and those keywords should be related to your products or services. Right keywords would be very helpful in creating meta titles and descriptions.

Meta Tags: Meta Title and Description key points for ranking a website in Google. We can easily add and edit Meta titles and Descriptions in Shopify.

Self-referencing Canonical Tags: In Shopify canonical tag is already implemented on every page.

SEO Image Optimizer: Shopify provides apps for image optimization that are helpful for increasing traffic on the website. You don’t need coding knowledge.

URL Rewrite & URL Redirection: In Shopify, you can easily manage redirection and URL rewrite.

Third-Party API Integration: We can easily integrate third-party API in Shopify.

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