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Tips For Order Your Wedding and Birthday Cake

Birthdays and weddings are extremely special events and are celebrated with parties with friends and family. The parties thrown especially for weddings are usually massive and the cake used in such parties needs to feed hundreds of guests at times and needs to be designed beautifully. Ordering wedding cakes & birthday gifts for a girlfriend, boyfriend, partner or someone for special parties is very different than ordering a cake from the bakery for a dinner party. This process requires time and effort and the customers need to know exactly what they want while deciding on the various elements of the cake.

The following are some of the tips to help people order wedding cakes and birthday cakes in the right way:

Tips for Ordering the Birthday and Wedding Cakes

1. Choosing the Right Bakers and Bakery for the Cake

The first step is to simply decide on the expectations and the type of cake that is needed for the event. A birthday cake is very different from a tiered wedding cake and the first step is to know what is required and then do a survey about the type of bakers that can handle the cake. Deciding on the baker is an important step as evaluating the skills and the reputation of the baker is critical while deciding the right bakery for the online cake order for a birthday.

2. Decide on the Design and Flavor of the Cake

The next tip for ordering birthday cakes is to simply decide on the design of the cake and the flavors used in making the birthday cake. The design is based on the location, type of event, the theme of the party, the personal preferences of the customer, and the trendy fashions in cake design. Another aspect that the customers have to decide on while ordering the cake is the flavors to be used in the cake. Going for a cake tasting at the baker’s before choosing the right flavors is a good idea.

3. Decide on the Size of the Cake Depending on Number of Guests

Whether it is an online birthday cake order or any other special occasion cake order, there are a large number of guests going to eat the cake and even take second helpings of the cake at the party. It is a good idea to simply consult with the baker and decide on the size of the cake needed to feed the guests adequately at weddings and birthday parties.

4. Get Details of All the Elements Included in the Cake

These are not basic round cakes with a little bit of frosting but wedding cakes and birthday cakes are incredibly detailed with various elements for which the customers pay extra money. It is a good idea while ordering the cake to get the list of all the decorative items, additional elements, and candy that will be added to the cake’s design. 

5. Payment and Delivery Details

Anniversary cakes online order or any other cake order is a transaction between the bakery and the customer and all the details of the purchase have to be handled properly for the cake to be delivered on time. The budget should be considered while making the order and payment should be made on time and in an appropriate way. The customers should know all the details about the delivery details for the cake order as well.

The above-mentioned tips help customers order wedding and birthday cakes in a straightforward and hassle-free way from online cake shops and bakeries.

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