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Top 7 QuickBooks Alternatives for Your Business Accounting Needs

QuickBooks accounting software has become the lifeline for most small business owners. WHY? Because it offers all the functionality needed, and it helps in reducing the additional burden on the shoulders of business owners. QuickBooks is the perfect solution for your business accounting needs. So, what’s the need for searching for QuickBooks Alternatives?

QuickBooks has amassed a user base of millions all over the world using some impressive ad campaigns, and its own conference. Inuit QuickBooks may probably be the most popular business accounting software across the world. 

While it is extremely popular and widely used, it doesn’t automatically mean that it’s suitable for every business. QuickBooks has tons of integrations and features that may be ideal for almost any situation. But some businesses require an all-around corporate accounting tool that streamlines operations. 

This is when the search for QuickBooks alternatives begins. If you’re here reading this right now, then chances are that you need QuickBooks Alternatives. 

Another reason for searching for alternatives is pricing. QuickBooks can be pricey for small businesses. 

Why You Should Look Into QuickBooks Alternatives

QuickBooks is without a doubt an industry giant. But all of its success can be credited to a huge team of marketers and strategic partnerships. That doesn’t mean it’s not a feature-packed powerhouse. 

But, even after all QuickBooks has to offer, if you’re still searching for its alternatives, then we can help you out. During our research for small business accounting software and QuickBooks Alternatives, we tried dozens of tools. We finally decided to feature 7 bookkeeping, accountancy business, and management software in our list.

Let’s take a look at the top QuickBooks alternatives and what they have to offer. 

1. Deskera All-In-One – Accounting Services

Deskera is a Singapore-based business app that focuses on covering everything for small business growth. This range of services includes:

  • Accounting needs
  • Finances
  • Inventory
  • CRM
  • Payroll
  • HR

Deskera is one of the rare apps out there that can do almost every type of accountancy business and management. You can get the all-in-one service or separate modules. You can choose to get just the accounting service, financing service, inventory, and much more as a QuickBooks Alternatives.

The sole difference between QuickBooks and Deskera is that QuickBooks has a massive web of integrations. Deskera has everything of its own, sales, inventory, HR, CRM, and other tools that are built to work in synergy with one another. 

But if you just want accounting services, then you can get Deskera’s accounting services. Deskera Books is much cheaper than QuickBooks on a monthly basis.

2 FreshBooks – Quickbooks Alternative

FreshBooks is a well-known QuickBooks alternative. It has been around for more than 15 years and is built specifically for small businesses and those who are self-employed. 

So, this software is not suitable for big organizations with over 100 employees. But if you want a bookkeeping software that’s perfect for small businesses, then FreshBooks should be your top choice. 

QuickBooks Online is a service that’s designated for small and midsize businesses. But FreshBooks is a tool that is built keeping small businesses in mind. FreshBooks costs about $10 per month, and it is a bit more streamlined when it comes to features and UI. That improved customer support can be a crucial factor for small businesses that don’t have the right resources to fix issues that come up. FreshBooks is one of the best small business accounting tools in our opinion.

3. Patriot Accounting

Patriot Accounting is an Ohio-based accounting software firm. They’re one of the older players as they’ve been operating for more than 3 decades. The goal of Patriot Accounting is to serve the needs of small businesses by offering payroll software. Patriot is a great corporate accounting solution.

Patriot’s payroll feature offers two options, a basic self-service option, which allows businesses to run their own Payroll software but handle their taxes. 

Or you can get their own payroll with Patriot’s payroll software but handle their own taxes. In this plan, a team from Patriot handles all of the Payroll tax duties. Both options offer payroll setup and support, and then they integrate it with Patriot accounting software. 

The difference between Patriot is that it serves small businesses, and it gives users some edge over QuickBooks when it comes to customer service.

4. Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Sage Business Cloud Accounting which was earlier known as Sage One is an online accounting product for small businesses. They’re one of the biggest tech companies in the UK, and it has more than 13,000 employees. 

Similar to QuickBooks, Sage has plans for both small and big-scale businesses. It is one of the most complete QuickBooks Alternatives.

If you’re in the market searching for QuickBooks alternatives, then you’ll be happy to know that Sage has the most affordable plans. Sage Business Cloud Accounting has one of the most budget-friendly starting prices.

If you want to use your Accounting software to manage your payrolls, then you can easily save around$15 per month compared to QuickBooks.

5. Wave Accounting

Launched in 2009, Wave has quickly become one of the most popular business accounting software. It has more than 3.5 million users all over the globe. The wave was recently acquired by H&R Block for around $400 million. 

The accounting app offered by Wave is free and super easy to use. Payments and Payroll are paid optional features. Accounting is free, but payments and payroll are paid.

While Wave is a QuickBooks Alternatives, it has still set itself apart from QuickBooks by offering a completely free accounting tool. You can use Wave for free for as long as you want. But, if you want to accept payments and run payroll then you’ll have to get on a paid plan. 

With Wave, you can send unlimited recurring invoices, generate financial statements and reports, track income and so much more for free. 

6. Xero

Hailing from Australia, Xero ranks in 6th position on our list of QuickBooks Alternatives. Similar to QuickBooks, Xero was designed to be affordable and accessible for small businesses. 

Xero is a great tool overall. It aims to make paying bills easier and streamline inventory management and fixed assets management in all the plans. 

You should try out Xero if your business has physical inventory and if you need to keep track of fixed assets. Xero could be a great option for your brand as it offers inventory management and fixed asset management across all plans. 

QuickBooks asks for $70/month if you want to track inventory. If you want to track fixed assets, then you’ll need to pay $373. So, Xero is without a doubt a cheaper option. Xero offers unlimited users on all its plans, while QuickBooks has a limit of 25 users on the top plan. 

7. Zoho Books

Zoho Books is an accountancy business and management software that came out of India in 1996. Zoho offers software solutions for businesses that include:

  • CRM
  • HR
  • Business management 

Their accounting tool is one of the best QuickBooks Alternatives. It is designed for small businesses and offers all the standard accounting needs and finance features. 

When it comes to pricing, the difference between QuickBooks and Zoho is just $5. But when you compare high-end plans, Zoho takes the win easily. QuickBooks Online Plus ($70) is equal to Zoho Books’ Professional plan ($50). 

So if you have a growing business that needs features like vendor portal, purchase management, customization, and more. Zoho Books can be a great option. 

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