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10 Interesting Newsletter Content Ideas for School

School newsletters are an excellent medium for sharing important information with parents, guardians, students, and teachers alike. Hence, there is so much more that goes into the process of choosing content and designing the material. Looking at different newsletter examples, a school newsletter holds a unique school and student-centered purpose.

A tool like Venngage can make the entire process more seamless, from designing the letterhead to the main body. You’ll never run out of ideas with hundreds of newsletter layouts to choose from!

With that, here are 10 tips on how you can make your school newsletter engaging, informative, and interesting.

1. Feature a Current Student

Feature one or two students in each edition of the newsletter. Let them tell their stories about their interests and activities at school and how it contributes to the community. Students love getting their name out there, but they also love helping others do the same!

It’s also an excellent opportunity for student journalists to practice their interviewing skills. Parents enjoy reading about what’s going on in their kids’ school lives and things they’re passionate about!

2. Feature a Teacher and their Hobbies

The school newsletter is also a useful opportunity for teachers to show off their interests outside the classroom. Admittingly, it can sometimes be difficult for parents and guardians to relate to a teacher. As such, letting them share their hobbies might help break down barriers. Parents will love knowing that their child’s teacher also has an interest in archery or bird watching!

Plus, if there are students interested in exploring different careers, the faculty can take the floor in guiding them. Ask teachers if they would be willing to share the profession they planned to go into back in high school. It will show how the professionals we know today started as passionate young adults with burning passion and dreams.

Venngage has ready-made school newsletter templates you can easily tweak to fit your content. For example, below is a layout you can easily modify for this content:

newsletter design for school

3. Review What Happened at the Last PTA Meeting

This content is a good idea if you plan to include the most recent minutes from your next meeting. However, a word of caution: make sure it’s not too long! Even if you already posted website links, a brief overview of the meeting will help highlight important details on important issues.

This content is an especially useful resource for parents who have difficulty making it to meetings. It also gives them some valuable background on new policies before heading into the board meeting.

4. Share Highlights from the Last Sports Game or Performance

The school newsletter is an excellent opportunity for parents to see their children’s activities at school. If they couldn’t attend the event, this can serve as a mini-reunion opportunity! You can share highlights from sports games or musical performances on social media and include links in your newsletter. If you have particularly talented students, this is also a way of showing off their talents.

Here is a fun Venggage template you can use to execute this content:

newsletter examples for school

Remember: parents love seeing what their kids do at school. So make sure parents find out about all the fun things going on at school!

5. Share Success Stories

Parents work hard to provide for their families and encourage them to succeed inside and outside the classroom. With that said, parents feel incredibly proud when they hear about their child’s achievements in school. A few sentences and some accompanying pictures (if possible) will keep them smiling until the next edition of the newsletter!

6. Remind Parents of Upcoming Events or Deadlines

If you plan to include upcoming events in your newsletter, make sure it’s easy to find out more information or sign up. The way to do this is by sending out an intuitive email newsletter. You can include links at the bottom of the page leading to another webpage with more detailed information.

If there’s a deadline approaching soon, remind parents so they don’t forget! It also helps prevent no-shows as people will already know what to do and when they need to register.

Take a look at this sleek Venngage newsletter template you can use for school event reminders:

school newsletter examples

7. Ask Teachers for Stories, Trivia, and Facts About the Subjects they Teach

Students can’t help but be interested in what their teachers are passionate about. And parents also probably feel the same way. If you’re looking for material to put into your newsletter, you can turn to your faculty members. Ask them to write something up about interesting trivia on their subject matter expertise. The more interesting information you include in each edition of your newsletter, the less likely people will skip over it!

8. Recommend New Books or Movies

The school newsletter also offers an opportunity for both students and staff to show off their favorite books and movies. You can either feature one particular title in every edition or list down various titles. It will allow the school body to thrive in common interests.

9. Include a List of Useful Tips and Tricks

Like a company newsletter, a school newsletter is also a great way to share helpful tips and tricks. Whether it’s time-saving tricks or new hobbies to try out, the sky’s the limit on what to write for this section! It’s a great space to share links that provide helpful information on the school, personal, and community tips and tricks.

When all else fails, ask teachers for the input! They’re usually up-to-date on all the latest happenings in schools and can suggest some good options.

10. Share Trivia Questions and Answers

Parents always look for ways to connect with their children. As such, the school newsletters are a great way to support them! You can include general trivia questions or specific ones based on older material about the school. You can also ask teachers to help you come up with questions about recent events at school.

Create Engaging School Newsletter Using Venngage!

While some of these ideas may seem common, it’s crucial to try something new with each school newsletter release. On top of an engaging newsletter design, you have to pay attention to the actual content and newsletter names. You never know what will catch parents’ and students’ attention and make them want to read more!

And when it comes to a top-notch newsletter creator, you’ll never go wrong with Venngage! Try it out for your next school newsletter, and experience the magic for yourself!

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