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WordPress Website Speed & Performance Optimization Tips

WordPress website speed and performance is very important factor to rank website in Google Search Engine. If website speed is slow then users will exit from your website. Many website owners are always using tools to speed up their website performance and loading.

Optimise WordPress website Speed & Performance

Below are the some points that would be helpful for speed up your WordPress website.

Website Hosting Plan: – Choose right hosting plan will helpful for your website performance.

Optimized WordPress Theme: If the code of website written badly then it will do slow your website and website performance also hampered.

Always choose responsive theme that should be optimized for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop.

Optimized Wordpress Plugin:  Before installing plugin check that Importance of that plugin. Plugins have most important roles to slow your website. Always use right and trusted plugin.

Clean Your Trash: Always delete the post those are in Trash box. If trash box is not empty then it takes space of your database.

Optimized Website Image: High storage image taking too much time to load that’s why website page take time to load. WordPress provide some good plugins to that can optimize your website images.

Minify the CSS & JS: Multiples WordPress plugin are very useful to minify the CSS and JS. WordPress plugin convert multiple files to in single files.

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