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Best Test Management Software Tools You Should Try Today!

Best test management tools can easily speed up your process by making the testing process much efficient. The term Test management comprises everything and anything that a tester does. With the best “Test case management tools” or software test management processes you can improve the time and efficiency of conducting tests. The test management process involves several activities. The process is intricate, detail-oriented to make sure the entire testing effort is successful. The Test management process includes activities like:

  • Creating & maintaining project information
  • Creating and maintaining the test products
  • Test execution – Test creation, Conducting the test and result
  • Metric collection
  • Bug tracking/ Malfunction management

With the help of Test management Software Tools, you can make the process faster and much more simple for yourself. We have compiled a list of the best Test Management tools that can help you in making the test management process easier. Multiple “Test management tools” are available in the market for your use and we have picked the best out of them based on ease of use, price, features, and much more. Read our Test management tools reviews until the end to choose the best one for yourself. 

Top 7 Best Test Management Software Tools Reviews in 2022

1. qTest – Best Test Management Tools

qTest is our number one pick for the best test management tools and it’s here for all the right reasons. qTest offers software testing facility and development teams with a simple to use interface with scalable test management service that can easily be integrated with JIRA and other types of ALMs and automation software. 

According to thousands of test management tools reviews, qTest simplifies every aspect of the Test management process. It includes features like “Test Case repository, Test Execution, Defect Tracking and reporting.” qTest is one of the most used Test management software among the huge competition. Make sure you add it to your list of Best Test management tools. 

2. PractiTest – Test Management Software

PractiTest is a fairly new Test management software in the market, it is an end-to-end question management system and it offers tons of free features that you can use for more comfort. The best thing about PractiTest is that it allows users to focus on their main work rather than spending all their time on tests. 

PractiTest mainly ensures that you increase your productivity and efficiency by using this tool. PractiTest’s advanced dashboards report you about every small thing. By using their awesome filters you can keep complete track of everything in your Test Management process. You don’t have to spend too much time on the tool, everything you need can be made available to you on your dashboard. This results in increased efficiency and you can multitask with ease!

3. Zephyr – Test Case Management

Zephyr is the world’s most used Test Management Software, it is available in more than 100 countries and it powers over 1 million users worldwide. This is the leading tool towards continuous testing with the help of an advanced set of tools and features integrated into the tool. 

Zephyr can probably fulfill all your Test management Software tools needs with multiple deployment options, like Server, Cloud Storage, hosting, and Datacenters. You can integrate Zephyr with most of the best automation tools like JIRA. As of right now, various huge organizations rely on Zephyr for End to end Test management needs. Users also get the benefit of a free trial so if you want you can even sign yourself up for a free trial before paying for the tool.

4. Test Collab – Test Case Management Tools

Test Collab is easy to use and even easier to set up. The company has been in the market as a test case management for 17 years. The company has several big organizations working with them. Test Collab offers absolutely the best integration capabilities with incredible Automation tools. It also offers time tracking, agile methodology, test plans, and scheduling. 

5. XQual – Test Management Tools

XQual is one of the best test management tools because of its advanced toolset. The tool is very affordable and it offers complete test management solutions to the users. With this unique tool, you’ll be able to manage your releases easily, the requirements, risks, and specifications.

It is easy to integrate the tool with other automation platforms. XQual can help you with any and all kinds of testing. You get 5 interfaces for manual testing and almost 70 connectors for the best automation framework. It also includes an internal requirement and a bug tracking system. You can also integrate it with a third-party Bug Tracking system! 

6. Xray

Xray is the number 1 rated manual and automated test management software as rated by JIRA. It is a full-featured tool that resides in JIRA itself and its motive is to help organizations improve the quality of their products by testing them extensively for any mistakes and bugs. Xray supports both manual and automated tests. You can organize all your projects separately and you can get proper reports of the tests on the dashboard. 

If you already use JIRA then Xray is one of the best Test management tools you can get! It is available in 65 countries and the current user base is over 4000. Xray is growing quickly, if you want you can give it a try by getting the free trial. 

7. TestRail

TestRail provides a unique Test management service via Web-based Test Case Management to assist teams to organize test activity and get real insights into the project. TestRail allows you to capture the details about your Test cases. With TestRail you can compare multiple results, make a dashboard that tracks progress, and compare results across multiple tests. 

You can even keep track of Team workload to adjust the task assignment and resource allocation, which will eventually result in increased productivity and efficiency! TestRail offers you a lot of features as a test management software, you should give them a try by getting a free trial. 

Final Take: Best Test Management Tools

The two key things you should know before choosing the best Test management tool for yourself. First, you won’t find a lot of open-source software but most of them are affordable and worth investing your money in! Second, Most of the tools only provide Test case management, so if you want bug tracking then you either have to integrate it or choose a tool that already has that feature.

We hope this article helped you find the best Test Management tools. Even if it didn’t you now know what to look for in a Test management software and what decisions you have to make while choosing one!

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