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13 Things to Remember When Traveling in Warmer Months

Summer is close. We can feel the warm air caressing our skin, the gorgeous sunsets on the horizon, and the best part, being able to wear open shoes and short sleeves! Those spring flowers in the US are slowly making their appearance while we plan our summer vacations, parties, and more! But if you are looking into taking a trip, whether internationally or locally, we have a few things you need to remember when traveling during the warmer months.

Pack your sunscreen

An essential part of a summer trip, sunscreen is a great way to protect yourself and your skin from the harmful rays of the sun – and there is a range of variants available. Yes, sunbathing by the pool or beach is lovely. Soaking up vitamin D does wonders; however, we need to be smart. On average, a fair-skinned individual can stay in the sun for up to 20 minutes at a time without sunscreen, and while this seems okay, experts have warned that this can become harmful too. Ideally, you should consult with a dermatologist about your skin, but the general rule is to use sunscreen with a sun protection factor of no less than 30. Remember, when you pack for your summer trip, first pack your sunscreen. 

Keep hydrated

While it’s important to protect your skin, it is equally important to keep hydrated, and you do this by drinking water regularly throughout the day. It is vital to research the place you are traveling to, as some parts of the world can reach extreme temperatures that your body might not be able to handle. Heatstroke is real and can be a cause for concern, so ensure you are well hydrated. 

Book your trip in advance

Traveling during the warmer months is often the most expensive time to hop on a plane. In an ideal world, it is a great idea to book your entire trip as far in advance as possible. This way, you can save quite a bit instead of paying inflated rates. And if you are lucky, you might be able to snatch up a great last-minute deal, but this is a bit of a gamble and not advised.

Pack appropriately

This is a given, but wearing the correct clothing during summer is vital, especially in a brand-new place. You need to ensure that you are, firstly, not offending the citizens or disobeying any of the country or state’s laws, and secondly, light clothing is great for the harsh summer sun, so invest in linens and white garments. 

Remember to get enough rest

Warmer climates and summer, in general, can be pretty tiring. A fantastic way, in fact, probably the best way to combat this is to rest. Now resting doesn’t necessarily mean sleeping; resting can also be taking breaks in-between your excursions to just lounge by the pool to read a book. The point is that taking some time to rest will keep your energy levels up so you can enjoy your entire trip.

Pack at least one dressy item

Chances are you are going to have one or two fancy nights out, so ensure you have packed a gorgeous summer outfit that’s going to leave the locals in awe! 

Stick to your skin routine

Different climates affect our skin in different ways; therefore, remember to pack your daily skincare routine and, equally as necessary, track how your skin is doing. While warmer weather brings out the best in some individuals’ skin, it can have the opposite effect on other people. 

Don’t forget your lip balm

Keep your lips hydrated! Remember, the sun can damage them, so you need to make sure you have your favorite moisturizing lip balm on hand. 

Research your vacation spot

There is just no way you can show up to a new place and not have a clue about the culture, the food, the attractions, and, more importantly, the climate. You do not want to arrive and have a system shock, so take the time to Google a few tips and tricks, as well as cultural differences and, of course, how intense the sun is during the warmer months. You should also research travel trends to find out precisely how travel is looking. 

Take only what you need

In the warmer months, you require way fewer things, so when packing, take note to only pack the things you will need. For example, you have this two-week cruise to Spain planned for June; it’s the height of summer in the Northern Hemisphere during this time. Only pack one light jacket; you won’t be needing all 10. 

Visit historic sites during lunchtime

This tried and tested method works particularly well during the warmer months. And it’s also relatively easy to find out what the usual lunchtime is in a new place; all you have to do is ask. Remember that large tour groups will more than likely head to lunch when you are arriving to see a cool, new place; trust us, this works! Also, pro-tip, if you want to eat at an expensive restaurant, do it during lunchtime when they have specials. 

Avoid the tourist trap

One big tourist trap is eating out in densely populated touristy areas. This is a massive cash grab, especially in the warmer months when tourists flock to these areas. Instead, find quaint little spots by walking a few blocks in the opposite direction; chances are, you’ll love it even more. 

Take free walking tours

These are amazing during warmer months. First off, it’s free; secondly, you meet new people; lastly, you get to see the sites without paying a dime. The only time you will pay is when you want to go inside. What’s more, you get a guided tour and fun facts! 

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