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3 Top Tips on How to Improve Your Home’s Comfort

The desire for comfort has always been an important feature of human nature. Modern innovations are rapidly trying to captivate millions of homes on the planet. At first, home automation was a fate of powers-that-be. This was too much like vanity fair.

Further, skeptical people succumbed to this wave, suddenly realizing that home automation makes the house not only more modern but also energy efficient. Technological progress makes human life more comfortable. We get used to it quickly and then we can no longer live without climate control devices,  motorized tv lift, self-closing curtains, or a built-in dust removal system.

People try to save themselves from unnecessary troubles and shift them onto the shoulders, if not robots, then at least devices. Home automation makes life much easier. After all, a smart home can do almost everything, from controlling household appliances inside the home to opening and closing garage doors outside the home. We would like to share with you below three tips that are considered top-notch in terms of importance, comfort, and a decisive role in high quality of life.

1. Make Your Floors Warm!

The water underfloor heating system has a fairly high level of adaptability to existing autonomous heating systems. Based on the radiator heating system available in your house, it is possible to organize a “warm floor” both in the entire building and in separate rooms, for example, in a bathroom or a children’s room. Using underfloor heating systems, you get the most correct distribution of heat in the room – it spreads from the bottom up.

If you use heating devices such as radiators and convectors, then you will inevitably encounter convection movement of the air mass in the room. This effect is due to the suspended state of dust in the air of the room. But in the case of underfloor heating, the room is heated evenly, and dust does not circulate with the air mass. This is especially true for children and those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

When using this system, heat is distributed throughout the room in such a way that the space under the ceiling remains unheated, and, in addition, the floor ceases to be a heat-absorbing surface. As a result, the level of energy savings is 10-15% in standard rooms, and in the case of rooms with high ceilings, it reaches 50%.

2. Make Your Lighting Smart!

For smart light automation programming to work, communication between all elements of the system is necessary. At the same time, smart home sensors (motion, light, door opening) are often used in scenarios that communicate using different protocols: Bluetooth, Wi-F, and ZigBee. The smart lighting team includes lamps, spotlights, recessed lights, and LED strips. To understand the many options for operation, it is important to pay attention to the types of connections to the mains. To make the device “smart”, so to speak, it is equipped with a wireless data transmission module.

The smart lighting system allows you to use ready-made and create new lighting scenarios for your living space. You can program the light to turn on when you enter the room and turn it off when you leave. And also adjust the gradual increase in brightness and color temperature to your awakening. Or, when receiving a signal to fall asleep, smoothly reduce the brightness and color temperature and turn off the light completely. And if you have planned a party, then LED strips will appear on the main stage, which, like crazy, will change colors to the rhythm of the music!

3. Make Your TV Mobile!

Technological progress in TVs in the last couple of years is no less exciting. Indeed, over the years these devices, on which we spend 2-3 hours a day, have radically changed. Today they are not just panels for broadcasting TV channels but the whole home media centers. They acquired the ability to control smart home appliances and received voice control themselves.

The global pandemic has made watching TV the most popular pastime. And the TVs themselves have advanced the farthest in their progress, and all those changes that looked like pure fantasy ten years ago have become an everyday reality today.

Motorized TV Lift can be built into a kitchen cabinet, headboard, chest of drawers, fireplace, office furniture, car, cabin. The lift allows your TV to appear at the right moment and disappear out of sight when you sleep. Equipping the lift with a powerful motor allows you to use the device not only as a TV lift but also as a retractable mechanism for many other things in your home.

We hope we made you inspired for the future improvement of your home’s comfort. A person who treats himself with true respect will never skimp on the quality of his life and will strive to make it even higher…

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