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5 Tips For Writing a Research Paper in APA Format

APA format research papers are a dime a dozen in an academic career. So, every student has to learn its meaning and particular style. Although important, it is a very easy formatting style for students. Below are given a few tips to make it even easier for you.


It is said that “by failing to prepare means, you prepare to fail.” The same goes true for the APA paper format. You have to leave no stone unturned to create a brilliant and impressionable research paper in this format.

To prepare, you have to pay attention to many things, given below in specific order:

Download APA Template

First, Google APA templates and download them to create a title page and all other essentials of APA format. It will have complete directions such as;

  • how to make a title page
  • where to set running header
  • how to indent the paragraphs
  • the style of all heading levels
  • font size and text margins

 So, you need not learn about everything if you successfully download a template for your research paper’s format.

Choose a Good Topic

Without a topic that increases your interest and curiosity about learning more, you cannot progress well in your APA research paper. So, the second step after you have to download the template is selecting a good topic. If it becomes a herculean task for you, you can also buy APA format research paper with a good topic from online custom writing companies. They are experts at generating all types of paper formats and excellent research papers.

Research Well

Next, you have to prove yourself in research. It is the key to success while writing research papers. Go to peer-reviewed sources, books, course studies, videos, and web pages to gather information about your topic.

Save Your Sources

It is important to save your sources to create a fine APA format research paper because it requires complete information of the used sources.

Use Online Citation Tools

After researching and getting confused with setting your references in the right APA format, you can use online citation generators. All you need to do on these sites is to pick up “APA format,” provide a title or link to your source, and the tool will automatically generate the specific citation.


Like all other research paper formats, APA research papers also consist of a proper introduction, body, and conclusion structure. Sometimes, your professor may ask you to create an abstract in addition, which you will learn in the following paragraphs. However, only the introduction, body, and conclusion are not enough for writing a research paper in APA or any other format. Creating a solid thesis, its reasons, and evidence in the outline can save your time while writing fluently. Also, it helps you produce a research paper expecting A+.  a step-by-step guide for your outline is given below:


  • Hook
  • Short details
  • Thesis

Paragraph 1

  • Topic sentence
  • Brief explanation
  • Evidence/examples
  • Criticism

Paragraph 2

  • Topic sentence
  • Brief explanation
  • Evidence/examples
  • Criticism


  • Restatement of thesis
  • Short details
  • Engaging last sentence

Following this outline format for writing a brilliant research paper, you can generate as many paragraphs between introduction and conclusion as needed for your topic or demanded by your professor.

Start With a Body

Although every APA paper consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion, it is not important to always start from A to Z. in other words; you can begin from the body section to write a remarkable essay. Furthermore, it does not mean you have to put your first heading as ‘body’ and begin. Instead, you have to leave the introduction and conclusion sections empty in the outline and do them at the end. There are many benefits of starting your APA research paper with the body, such as:

  • It saves your time when you generate an introduction and conclusion at a time after completing the body section.
  • Your mind has fresh ideas about what you have written in the body, so you can easily find new words to clearly explain the topic in both sections.
  • After doing the body section, you feel at peace and provide a more engaging, readable, and professional paragraph at both ends of the paper.
  • You know how many words you have used in the body, so you can easily divide the remaining text length into the introduction and conclusion.
  • No brainstorming is needed if you do the first and the last paragraph in the end.


Sometimes, the students assigned with APA research paper tasks get to worry about abstracts in instructions. This is because they are a regular part of this type of paper format. In short, an abstract is a summary of the entire research paper. Mostly, busy students, teachers, researchers, and scholars go through this set of words to comprehend an essay in minimum time. Also, it serves as the best part of research for students with short deadlines. It is simple to create abstracts after the title page in the APA essay in around 250 words. Below are given five elements of the abstract for proper APA assignments:

  • Introduction: it introduces your abstract with a few short and interesting sentences.
  • Research reason: here, you tell the purpose of your research.
  • Methodology: here, you tell whether you have conducted an empirical, experimental, and derived or simulation.
  • Results: it describes your findings.
  • Conclusion: it briefly encompasses everything in the abstract in a few lines.


References are a must when you write a research paper in APA format. For this, you can save all the sources you gather information from. It is also important to incorporate in-text citations in your text while you are working on the text. After everything is done, you have to prove a list of references on the last page of APA papers entitled ‘references.’ Here, you have to put all your sources with complete information in appropriate APA format. If you have no experience of doing APA referencing, read the handy tips below:

  1. Go to online reference generating websites, pick up the ‘APA’ format, and put all important details of the source in the blanks. It will automatically generate a proper APA format reference list with in-text citations to put in the text.
  2. Ask for help with APA papers from online custom writing companies. They can support you by providing you with accurately formatted references for your sources. Besides, they can take the responsibility of doing the whole APA paper with deep research and cohesive referencing, and in-text citations.

Finally, once you learn to write an APA format research paper, you can save it to use the format for the next time. This way, you can save time relearning and downloading templates and setting them accordingly. If it is still difficult for you, you can hire online custom writing companies round the clock.

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