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Anchor Ads by Google Adsense On Mobile Web With Google Ad Manager

Google is rolling out mobile anchor ads for AdSense publishers to help monetize mobile traffic. The ads are in the size of 320×50 banners that will appear on the bottom of a user’s smartphone screen. The ads will keep their position as the user scrolls up or down. 

Instead of an “x” button on the upper right corner of the ads, users will be able to remove the ads by swiping right or left on the ad. As for how intuitive the swipes for removing ads will be is another question. 

If a user dismisses an advertisement, it won’t show up again, until the user reloads the page or visit some other page on the same website. The aim of these ads is to monetize mobile traffic while not affecting the loading time of the website.

According to Google, the feature is already available for a couple of publishers and the update will slowly be available to all AdSense publishers in the upcoming months. 

Top Anchor Ads

When it comes to user experience, more customers have shown a preference for top anchor ads. Top anchor ads aren’t immediately shown to visitors as they visit a website. Top anchor ads are only visible to the mobile user when they start scrolling down a specific page.

The ads don’t cover the menu or other important parts of the content. That’s probably why most users prefer top ads instead of bottom ones. 

Bottom Anchor Ads

As the name suggests, bottom anchor ads by Google Adsense show up at the bottom of a user’s screen. Unlike top anchor ads, these are visible to the user as soon as they open a website. When a user scrolls up, the content won’t get covered by the ad too.

Conclusion: Google Anchor Ads on Mobile

For AdSense publishers, it is vital that they test out the anchor ads. These types of ads are considered better ad standards, and they also lead to an increase in viewability. Another plus point is that these ads are expected to increase the ad revenue of a website. 

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