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React Native Chart Libraries in 2022

Data is more valuable than anything else in today’s digital world. And to portray this data in a relevant fashion, charts and graphs are used. This information allows businesses to get an idea into consumer behaviour, preferences, and habits and any other information that might aid in enhancing business performance and increasing income.

It isn’t easy to interpret and obtain the desired outcomes if you have a large amount of data. To better understand the facts given, drawings such as graphs, diagrams, and charts are essential.

For example, if you’re working on the react native app that requires visualizing data, it is important to hire react native developer from a reputable company with proven experience to complete your project seamlessly. Following are some of the best react native chart libraries available.

Top React Native Chart Libraries for 2022

Following are some of the most often used react-native chart libraries. These libraries are simple to use and are useful when you don’t have time to develop your solutions. As a result, you can focus on the facts rather than making charts or graphs.

1. Victory-Native

GitHub: GitStars:9.6K| Forks: 490| Licence: MIT

NPM Trends: Weekly Downloads: 52,644| Version: 36.3.2| Unpacked Size: 70.9KB

Victory for React Native and React JS is one of the top react native chart libraries. Without losing flexibility, you may define bespoke behaviours and styles in data visualization. React native utilizes the same API as a web for cross-platform graphing. Lauren Eastridge of Formidable Sports manages Victory.

2. React-Native-Gifted-Charts

GitHub: GitStars:122| Forks: 20| Licence: MIT

NPM Trends: Weekly Downloads: 1,559| Version: 1.2.14| Unpacked Size: 258 kB

React native gifted charts is another react-native chart library worth mentioning. It’s one of React Native’s most comprehensive libraries for Lines, Areas, Bars, Donuts, Pies, and Stacked Bars. It also supports 2d and 3D animations, gradients, and real-time data changes.

3. Reac-Native-Chart-Kit

GitHub: GitStars:2.1K| Forks: 559| Licence: MIT

NPM Trends: Weekly Downloads: 19,144| Version: 6.12.0| Unpacked Size: 399 kB

Amongst the most prominent react-native chart libraries, React Native Chart Kit supports both Android and iOS. This library, which began as a side project, currently provides a variety of charts for react native applications. Pie charts, Line charts, Contribution Graphs, Bar charts, progress, and Bezier Line charts are just a few of the incredibly responsive, easy-to-integrate chart options available.

Along with all of these choices, it also has several standard sets of props that can be used to customize each component and accurately reflect the data.

4. React Native SVG Charts

GitHub: GitStars:2.1K| Forks: 317| Licence: MIT

NPM Trends: Weekly Downloads: 46,211| Version: 5.4.0| Unpacked Size: 417 kB

React Native SVG charts is yet another react chart library. Both react native, and this chart library supports expo applications. This library is built on several open-source projects, including paths-js react-native-svg, and react-native-calendar-heatmap, among others.

This library includes its own set of properties that make it easy to customize data and support several unique patterns. Using the react-native Dimension API, this library allows you to display responsive charts. This library employs the D3 library to compute and coordinate SVG pathways. This package supports extensibility and leverages react-native-svg to render SVGs. Line charts, Bar charts, X-Axis, Y-Axis, StackedAreaChart, Progress Circle chart types, and Pie charts are among the chart kinds available in this React chart library.

5. React Native Chart Wrapper

GitHub: GitStars:2.1K| Forks: 317| Licence: MIT

NPM Trends: Weekly Downloads: 46,211| Version: 5.4.0| Unpacked Size: 417 kB

React Native Chart Wrapper is the second react-native chart library on the list. Android and iOS are both supported by this library. This library supports most of the options available on the MPAndroidChart Library because it is built on common native chart libraries for both android and iOS charts. It’s well-documented and teaches how to use react-native projects. It also highlights significant distinctions between Android and iOS. Github is in charge of this library’s upkeep.

6. React Native Pie Chart

GitHub: GitStars: 85| Forks: 42| Licence: MIT

NPM Trends: Weekly Downloads: 1,327| Version: 2.0.2| Unpacked Size: 225 kB

The react-native pie chart is another charting library to add to your list. It’s a straightforward library with two options for displaying data in a pie chart. This library is helpful in areas when data is represented as a pie, and the apk bundle size is limited. This library includes many components and a collection of props for changing styles and transitioning between two forms.

7. React native responsive linechart

GitHub: GitStars: 182| Forks: 35| Licence: MIT

NPM Trends: Weekly Downloads: 1,706| Version: 5.7.1| Unpacked Size: 72.4 kB

The react native responsive line chart is the next item on the list. It’s used to represent data on a mobile device in an inline format. You may construct a composable API for several representations of line charts using Typescript and this library. It just utilizes react-native-svg and react-native-gesture-handler as external libraries. This library can now support scrollable charts by enabling the latter condition and providing a viewport parameter. You may also include tooltips and a large number of data points. It only supports one chart design because it does not rely on additional libraries.

8. React-Native-Echarts-Wrapper

GitHub: GitStars: 161| Forks: 53| Licence: MIT

NPM Trends: Weekly Downloads: 627| Version: 2.0.0| Unpacked Size: 1.55MB

Another one on the list of react-native chart libraries is the chart wrapper library. It is a library that wraps around a popular echart framework. It helps create complicated,  interactive charts with great performance on mobile devices. This charting framework works purely on webview, compatible with upcoming react-native updates. It is not easy to communicate between the chart running on the webview of the JavaScript thread and the react-native thread. It allows you to inject customized JavaScript code into the webview, allowing you to build more complex chart options for echarts.

9. Clchart

GitHub: GitStars: 284| Forks: 40| Licence: MIT

NPM Trends: Weekly Downloads: 1| Version: 0.1.0| Unpacked Size: 5.73 MB

ClChart is a cross-platform open-source stock data visualization project built on canvas that is simple, robust, and high-performing. Web, PC, React Native, and Weex are all supported by this module. ClChart gives Android and iOS app developers the ability to draw natively. It’s extending the open-source project GCanvas to make it easier to use.

10. Recharts

GitHub: GitStars: 18.1K | Forks: 1.4K| Licence: MIT

NPM Trends: Weekly Downloads: 925,653| Version: 2.1.9| Unpacked Size: 5.1MB

It’s a tried-and-true react chart library. It employs a solely presentational declarative component. It has native SVG functionality and a modest dependence on the D3 sub-module.

Summing it Up!

The following is a collection of prominent react-native chart libraries. All of them are open-source and are updated by a large community to ensure accuracy. These libraries will aid in development as well as improve performance. However, before choosing a react-native chart library, make sure it meets your project’s needs.

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