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Basics Of Microsoft 365 Government Community Cloud and GCC High

With the increasing demand for security and compliance, for the businesses and entities that serve the government, many contractors and federal customers are migrating cloud solutions. Many of the organizations opt-in for Microsoft 365 Government Community Cloud (GCC), among the most secure and scalable platforms available (GCC High). 

Office 365 for GCC is a cloud-based solution powered by Microsoft Azure Government. It is hosted in eight highly secure government data centers. With Azure Government having the FedRAMP High certification, the full suite of Microsoft GCC High applications is on the verge of completing the audits to receive the FedRAMP High certification. Right now, for any organization that is looking over the GCC High environment, the Azure Government infrastructure is much more advantageous. To maintain the security standards, Microsoft makes sure that every employee working in this line is a US Citizen and has gone through a thorough background check. This is because many businesses using this deal with ITAR data.

What is Government Community Cloud? 

The infrastructure and security requirements set by the US Government are very different than that of the private sector organizations. Looking at the requirements, Microsoft developed the Office 365 US Government, which specializes in the apps and services for the private sector. This service approaches a number of the implementation issues that government computing confronts in real-world scenarios. 

Microsoft Offers two subscription packages, the first one is for users who want to utilize Office 365 GCC and the other one is for the users who want to utilize Office 365 GCC High. Both of them can be rented without any limitation on the number of users. 

Types Of Microsoft Government Cloud Infrastructures

1. Microsoft Azure Government

Developed for agencies, organizations, and businesses looking for cloud services, it provides a large directory of services like File storage systems,  Virtual Desktop, cloud services for web and mobile applications, backup and recoveries, and much more.

2. Dynamics 365 Government

Developed the qualified government entities in the US, it caters to entities with the functions of Sales, Field Service, Project Service automation, and Customer Service.

3. Office 365 U.S. Government

Developed with keeping security at a high priority, it is a package of the whole Microsoft 365 applications including Windows 10 developed for US Government consumers. It has different versions that can serve educational institutions, small businesses, customer service employees, nonprofits, and more.

Why Is Microsoft Government Cloud Important?

For all the Organizations and businesses that render services the U.S. government or any US Government associated entity, be it local, federal, or state need to meet the basic criteria of The National Institute of Standards and Technology. These rigorous standards have been implemented so that both the customer data and customer content are secure.

Customer data is all the data of the consumer that has been received through Online Services such as tax portals and surveys.

Customer content is all the consumer data that has been stored in the databases. This information is sensitive and cannot be shared without any encryption. This content is mostly confidential.

As you see, this was the basics of Microsoft 365 Government Community Cloud and GCC High. Apps4Rent provides secure virtualization solutions such as Virtual Desktop with 24/7 professional support and maintenance.

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