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Benefits of Resume Builder for Your Career

Many people avoid resume builders and built-in resume templates because they make your application look like it’s written by a robot. There’s no denying that hand-written resumes are the best if you want to land the gig.

But, not everyone can write a resume professionally. You may not have the skills to craft a perfect resume that gets you the job in your dream company. Besides, one person can’t focus on the design, structure, writing, experiences, and all the elements of a resume.

The best part about using an online resume builder is that you can save multiple copies of your resume and edit it however you want. The resume builders are flexible. Besides, there are plenty of designs available for all types of professionals. Whether you are in the creative designing industry or an IT professional, a resume builder can help you craft a perfect resume for any position.

Here’s why you must use a resume builder:

It Looks Professional

The right margin, font, length, and layout are a few things that can make a big difference to your resume. A professionally-written resume is one that has everything organized chronologically. From font to layout, you will find everything within the built-in template. All you have to do is save this template on your computer and customize it to your needs. You can make edits, shuffle the sections, and delete parts that look irrelevant to the job.

It Leaves a Good Impression on the Recruiter

A resume leaves a first impression on the recruiter. It tells the HR team more about your experiences, qualifications, skills, specialties, contact details, and other crucial information. Some companies use ATS (application tracking system) to filter resumes by specific keywords and designs.

So, if you are applying for a high-paying and competitive job, chances are the employer will consider the resume template before reading the details. For example, if you are a graphic designer, the employer will review your resume carefully to see how you have paid attention to detail. A poor resume layout or improper format won’t land you a job in a graphic designing company.

Anyone can spot the difference between a hand-written and a ready-made resume template. If you want to impress the recruiter with your resume design, you need to choose a ready-made resume builder for the layout.

Customization Options

You don’t have to follow the exact format of the resume builder. As mentioned earlier, a resume template is customizable. You can edit the parts you do not like or modify the entire resume however you want. Some people use resume builders only for the structure. They use it for the margins, fonts, and design and customize the experience, objective, contact, and other parts.

Another benefit of a resume builder is that you can customize it for different jobs. Each job has a unique set of requirements. Some jobs require experience, while others demand strong academic qualifications. With a resume builder, you can customize the format to make it suitable for the job you are applying for. Save the copies, make edits, and send the resume to the recruiter.

It Saves Time

Building a resume from scratch is not a cakewalk. If you check out the latest resume templates online, you will see how hand-written resumes are completely different from these customized and well-designed templates. They are professionally built with each detail added to the design carefully. You can either do it manually or save the ready-made templates on your system and change the text.

If you design it manually, it’s going to take days, and even weeks, to craft a proper resume. Still, there is no guarantee it will look as good as the resumes your recruiter will receive from other candidates. Instead of wasting your time designing something already available on the internet, you should develop your skills and take an exam to have another certificate to add to your resume.

Error-Free Layout

For those designing their own resumes, you have to research the correct layout before you start with the margins and each section. Even a small error like picking the wrong font can cost you the job you’d have easily landed if you had used a professional resume builder. This is not the part that you can do on your own.

A resume means a lot to your recruiter. It helps the HR team decide whether they should consider you for the next round or not. Employers do not even skim through the resumes that do not look professionally written, let alone read the details. That’s why the error-free layout is important if you want to get noticed.


Knowing that your design and structure part is error-free and done by a professional, you can focus on the text (which is more important). Select a resume builder and create an error-free and perfect resume for the job. Good Luck!

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