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Best Ethernet Cables for Gaming of 2024

Having a good, stable internet connection can give you just the competitive edge you need while gaming. WiFi often has huge latency issues, so using Ethernet cables for gaming is the best available option. 

Using any ordinary ethernet cable won’t give you the advantage you need. The ideal ethernet cable can boost your overall gaming experience. In this guide, we’ll be highlighting the best Ethernet cables for gaming.

Top Ethernet Cables for Gaming – Editor’s Choice

1. Cable Matters Cat6A Ethernet Cable

Incredible construction and highly well-rated.Not available in sizes less than 10 feet.
Can handle higher than gigabit speeds.

One of the best things about the Cable Matters CAT6 Ethernet Cable is reduced latency and consistent speeds. It comes from a reputed brand and the connection is fast enough for any network. Do you know how much internet speed you need for gaming?

The cable is incredibly high-quality and fully meets Cat-6A specifications. If your router is capable of delivering good speeds, you’ll have a blast using this cable for gaming.

Cable Matters offers the cable in multiple sizes, ranging from 10 feet to 200 feet which is long enough to meet most people’s needs. If you just want a smaller cable, then you’d be better off using the Monoprice Cat6A ethernet cable. 

2. Monoprice Cat6 Patch Cable – Best Budget Ethernet Cable for Gaming

Ideal for up to gigabit connections. Some colors are only available in specific sizes.
Seamless designs and multiple color options.No shielding.

The only reason you should choose this one over Cable Matters Cat6A cable is if you don’t have higher than gigabit networking needs and if you don’t plan to spend too much time on Ethernet cable.

The cable uses 24AWG stranded, pure bare copper wiring that offers high conductivity and signal integrity. It allows for super-fast data transmission without any signal loss. 

The cable comes in various sizes and colors to suit your needs and preferences. You can choose from varying cable sizes, ranging from 0.5 feet to 100 feet, and ten colors. But the color available will be dependent on the size you choose. But you still get more color options, so you can choose a cable that’s perfect for your home setup. 

The Monoprice Cat6 Patch Cable has a unique snag-less design that protects the RJ45 connectors from damage during installation and removal. These connectors are also equipped with molded strain relief that prevents the cable from bending or twisting at the plug.

3. CableGeeker CAT6 Flat Ethernet Cable – Best Flat Ethernet Cable for Gaming

Unique snagless design.Unshielded.
Bundled cable clips and velcro ties.
Supports gigabit speeds.

Flat Ethernet cables are a great option for all kinds of setups as they take up minimal space. You can run these cables through corners and narrow spaces. If you’ve been looking for a flat ethernet cable, then the best one in the market is the CableGeeker’s CAT6 Ethernet Cable.

The cable is made up of high-quality pure copper wire with twisted pairs that offer excellent electrical conductivity and reduce crosstalks. It also meets the Cat-6 standards, which means it can support gigabit speeds and even higher for short distances. 

Despite all the great options, the cable is still an affordable option in the market. Plus, the velcro ties and cable clips included with the cable make it easy to manage the cable. 

The cable comes in different shapes and sizes, you can choose from eight different lengths, ranging from 10 feet – to 150 feet.

4. TrueCABLE CAT6A Shielded Cable – Best Long Ethernet Cable for Gaming

Can support speeds up to 10 gigabits.You’ll need to crimp your cables.
Riser-rated PVC jacket.Stiffer than unshielded cables.
Available in multiple colors.

The TrueCABLE CAT6A Shielded Cable is the PERFECT choice for network installations that need high performance and interference protection. The cable has a shielded design that is made up of an aluminum foil shield that covers four twisted pairs of solid bare copper conductors. This helps you reduce crosstalk and prevent electromagnetic interference.

The cable meets the CAT6A standards which means it supports up to 10 gigabit ethernet speeds up to 382 feet.

The car is riser-rated, which means it has a fire-resistant jacket that you can use in vertical spaces between floors. The cable comes with sequential footage marking every 2 feet so you can measure it with ease. You can choose from eight different colors based on the color of your setup. 

As the cable comes in a spool of 1,000 feet, you get crimp patch cables of any length you want. Plus, the spool offers much better value than individual patch cables. If you don’t want to crimp your own Ethernet cable and want a ready-made option. The best option is to choose the 200 feet version of the cable.

5. Nippon Labs CAT8  Patch Cable – Best CAT8 Ethernet Cable for Gaming

Fastest ethernet cable standard.Expensive than CAT-6A or CAT-6 cables.
CM-rated PVC jacket.

If you don’t have any problems with spending a pretty penny and you want nothing but the best Ethernet cable, then a CAT8 cable is perfect for you. Nippon Labs offers an incredible CAT-8 cable. Thanks to its 2GHz bandwidth support, it supports up to 40 GBPS data transfer speeds. Once you invest in this cable, you won’t have to worry about it again. 

It comes in a wide range of lengths and the cable uses a CM-rated PVC jacket, which means you can use the cable in-wall or in-ceiling. Unlike the CAT-7 and CAT-7A cables that use proprietary connectors, it has an RJ45 connector. The cable is perfectly compatible with older-generation networking devices.

However, there is one small issue you will face while using the cable. Compared to other cables, the CAT-8 cable is less flexible.

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