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Best Jarvis Alternatives for AI Copywriting – 2022 Version

Have you ever heard about Jarvis? No, it’s not Iron Man’s assistant, it’s an AI copywriting tool that’s used by millions. If you already know about Jarvis, then you know what it’s capable of delivering. Fortunately, there are some Jarvis (now Jasper) AI alternatives that you can try out if you think Jarvis isn’t your cup of tea. To help you find the best AI copywrite tool, we’ve compiled this guide where we’ve mentioned the top Jarvis alternatives. Let’s dive in.

Why Does Your Business Need AI Copywriting?

Digital marketing is at the core of every successful business. Unfortunately, every online marketing strategy revolves around catchy content. With not many creative content writers available, businesses had to move towards AI copywriting tools. According to a report by Forbes, it is expected that consumption of digital content will break new records in 2022. 

So, businesses that want to succeed can’t go around with a run-down website, and recycled content. They need something fresh to keep their audience on their toes. Your content needs to stand out of millions of articles, billions of social media posts, and thousands of videos published everyday. If you’ve been struggling to write content that captures and boosts your brand’s identity, you can try an AI copywriter. Initially, there was only Jarvis, but now there are endless Jarvis AI copywriter alternatives to choose from. 

5 Best Jarvis.ai Alternatives for AI Copywriting

1. Simplified – Free AI Copywriting Tool

Simplified is a fan favorite when it comes to advanced AI copywriting. It’s an all-in-one platform that allows you to design, edit, and publish all the content in a single place. The tool uses the latest AI algorithms, GPT-3, that’s also mobile-friendly. Here’s a breakdown of why Simplified is a top-rated AI copywriting tool:

Pros of SimplifiedCons of Simplified
Single click editing toolsCan’t download designs with a transparent background
Perfect for team collaborations and big brandsCan’t customize download quality
Access to several copywriting templates with virtual contentNo built-in presentation mode
Robust social media calendar for building a strong social media presence
Easy integrations 
Mobile friendly

2. Writesonic – Fast AI Copywriting Tool

Unlike Simplified, Writesonic is a paid AI copywriting tool. Writesonic will come upon most search results when you search for Jarvis. Writesonic can generate any type of marketing content for all kinds of businesses in mere seconds. With just a few keywords or lines of text, users can use this tool to create compelling ads, blogs, landing pages, and more. What makes Writesonic a great Jarvis Alternative is the set of features it offers. 

Pros of WritesonicCons of Writesonic
Free 7 day trial that allows users to test the services before subscribingNot a good tool for team collaborations
Easy integrations to Shopify, Magic Email, and moreNot mobile-friendly
Runs on latest AI technology (GPT-3)No content management for visual media

3. Peppertype.AI – AI Copywriting Tool for Marketers

Peppertype is a great AI copywrite tool for marketers, product managers, and content creators that help in generating consumer-focused marketing content. The content is generated by providing a few important information such as names and description of the product. Peppertype is without a doubt one of the best Jarvis Alternatives for consumer-focused businesses. 

Pros of PeppertypeCons of Peppertype
Free trial for up to 10,000 wordsDoesn’t support languages other than English
Helps teams by organizing folders and sharing content linksNo real-time commenting for teams
Mobile-friendly interfaceNo support for visual media content

4. Snazzy AI – Freemium AI Copywrite Tool

Snazzy AI is another Jarvis alternative that you can try to create trendy content. The platform has its own proprietary machine language with GPT-3 for campaign building and AI copywriting. Although Snazzy AI isn’t a completely free tool, it is a great option to try for your business. 

Pros of Snazzy AICons of Snazzy AI
Free plan – users can get up to 5 credits per dayNeed better mobile UI
Simple and easy integrations to toolsNot a multilingual tool
30+ AI copywriting templates Not ideal for team collaborations

5. ShortlyAI – AI Copywrite Tool for Hardcore Blogging

ShortlyAI is a Jarvis alternative for hardcore bloggers and marketers as it can generate both short and long-form content in no time. ShortlyAI also offers sentence modification that allows users to speed up their writing process. Here are some of the best reasons why it’s a worthy Jarvis AI alternative:

Pros of ShortlyAICons of ShortlyAI
Free trial for 4 contentIs more expensive than its competitors
Can write short and long-form contentNo team collaboration options
Seamless integrations with other toolsDoesn’t support languages other than English

Final Take: Best Jarvis AI Alternatives

This wraps up our list of the best Jarvis alternatives. There are tons of different AI copywriting software that can replace Jarvis based on your needs. As every business’s requirements are different, their definition of the best tool also differs. So, make a list of pros and cons, and find an AI copywriting tool that is perfect for you.

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