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Best Lead Management Software to Choose From

Definition: Lead management software helps businesses track leads, and track all the ways a customer engages with the business. Some of the common methods a customer gets in touch with businesses include:

  • Website chat
  • Call
  • Email
  • Social media chat
  • Google Ads/other ads

Lead management software help businesses keep track of these customers and suggest all the way they can convert them into customers. 

If your leads aren’t being converted into sales, then you need to find the best lead management software. Lead management software is a cloud-based software that helps organizations nourish leads and convert them into sales. Lead automation and assignment tools that use post-click landing pages and interactive forms to ensure that crucial leads don’t waste away. Once you earn leads, they’re tracked down the sales funnel via meetings, calls, chats, and several other features. The software has an in-built lead scoring facility that predicts lead conversions.

There are adequate routing features that ensure leads are sent to the right personnel based on their level of skill and specialization. Conversion rates, acquisition rates, and other lead management metrics are monitored based on strong analytics and reporting tools. If you want these advantages for your business, then you should employ some of the best lead management software.

To help you out, here’s a list of the best lead management software that you should choose from. 

Top-Rated Lead Management Software for Your Business

Just with a single Google search, you’ll find thousands of lead management software for your business. 

1. Pipedrive – Lead Management Software

Pipedrive is a great software that manages sales and provides a detailed and clear picture of existing and historical leads. The CRM software offered by Pipedrive empowers you to nurture leads into paying customers. This tool helps you in automating busy work and monitoring complex sales strategies.

Pipedrive has incredible features including pipeline management, email integrations, activity management, sales reporting, and trend forecasting. If search for one of the best lead management software, you don’t have to go searching beyond Pipedrive.


  • Choose vital metrics to customize your central dashboard
  • You can prioritize essential sales leads and streamline the sales process
  • Delegate tedious admin tasks to the automation process
  • Lead tracking tools help customer service reps to reach out with ease


  • Too many filters can make the process complex for first-time users
  • Doesn’t have separate plans for individuals with different needs

2. Monday

Monday.com is primarily a CRM software that is well known for managing customer data, and customer interactions, and helps through the sales process. Their lead management software allows you to manage customer data as per your preference. It helps you in managing projects, sales, CRM, tasks, and more. The best part about Project Management Software Monday is that it allows you to build and customize your dashboard as per your needs. Monday has incredible automation functionalities to help with repetitive tasks. 


  • Helps you gain insights into crucial data such as sales, process, and performance
  • It allows you to set automatic reminders and due-date notifications and assign new tasks
  • It’s easy to capture the leads online through an integrated contact form


  • Lets users toggle between the views
  • Doesn’t have features for setting up recurring tasks


ACT is an all-in-one CRM for sales and marketing tool that allows businesses to generate recurring clients. It is one of the best lead management software for small businesses. What makes it so great is that it allows you to perform advanced contact management. Small businesses can even take advantage of the advanced email marketing features it offers. 

With ACT, you can manage all the customer details, and customize your dashboard with Outlook, Gmail, Zoom, or several other integrations.


  • Email deliverability reporting
  • Highly customizable and versatile
  • Easy to automate marketing efforts
  • Easy Data quality management
  • WYSIWYG email editor


  • Can be tough to learn
  • Several daily tasks present significant difficulty

4. Keap – Best Lead Management Software

Keap is a great lead management and CRM software that can enhance your business and streamline customer service. It’s one of the top-rated lead management solutions that automatically capture new leads, assign tasks, and send crucial emails to clients. It allows you to personalize your messages and share them when new leads come in. Keap allows you to create a repeatable sales process for your team. 


  • Provide pre-built reminds, automated emails, and texts that save time during customer interaction
  • Automated follow-up, templates, and predictive sending that target the right customers
  • Dedicated business lines to keep your work calls and messages separate
  • Automatically generate more sales leads and nurture them to play with clients


  • The free version has limited functionality

5. Freshsales

Freshsales is a well-known lead generation software that can help in generating more sales for businesses of all scales. The auto-assignment rule feature automatically assigns lead contacts to specific sales reps, this helps in increasing the chances of lead conversion. Moreover, you get to create workflows and customized automation processes. Out of all lead generation software in the market, it is one of the best lead monument solutions. It allows you to access the database from your mobile as well. 

Freshsales offers a quick summary of all essential lead information such as name, company, and contact information. Users get free lead-tracking software that allows them to target your business’s audience base. 


  • Helps you to manage leads more efficiently with robust lead management software
  • Aligns your sales process and sales pipeline
  • You can improve team communication between teams
  • Identify when leads are sales-ready
  • Campaign management


  • The workflow automation feature is only available in the professional plan
  • To take advantage of the software, you may need to study a bit about it

6. Flavorcrm

Flavor CRM is a powerful CRM software for businesses that want to improve their customer relationships. It offers lead management, communication, payments, analytics, and sales pipeline-like features in one intuitive platform. The integration support feature makes it super powerful as you can now integrate your other tools into CRM to make it a central space for all your data. Flavor Supports integrations like Carbonate, Xero, Twilio, Sendgrid, Nautilus, Zoom and many others.

This allows business owners to effectively manage their sales process and decide where to put their efforts. it’s easy to use and affordable, making it the perfect CRM software for businesses of all sizes.


  • All-rounder CRM system for businesses of all types
  • Integrated apps for communication and Payment management.
  • Supports customization
  • Shows analytics for the performance of your business
  • User friendly


  • It can take some time for a novice to use it correctly
  • Free access is not available

Benefits of Lead Management Software

In this guide, we’ve decided to provide our opinion on lead management software and all the benefits they offer to your business.

There are endless benefits of lead management software. This is why businesses all over the world rely on them for generating and converting leads.

1. Report And Analyze Your Capabilities

We can check our leads with efficient reporting and analytical capabilities through lead management software. Through it, you can check our pros and cons to improve your strength to influence your future customers. You can check different aspects of your leads, this data can include:

  • Lead in sales
  • Lead in profit-making 
  • Lead in promotion

2. Leads Capturing 

There are lots of lead-generating activities which are helpful to attract potential buyers through email, chat, websites, and paid ads. A lead management software ensures every lead is fed into the CRM system from web forms, email, chats, etc. This helps in better capturing the leads and reduces the risk of leads going missing. 

3. Tracking And Lead Enrichment

A software with lead management facilities automatically populates a lead’s profile with required publicly available information such as their job title, company name, time zone, location, and social media profiles. It can track lead activities on your websites, such as the number and details of visited pages, links opened, downloaded resources, and information related to engagement in email, etc. This valuable information allows the salesperson to understand customers’ intent.

4. Lead Qualification

With the best lead management software, your company can easily choose the best leads and invest their valuable time in converting them. Lead management software can save money and time in identifying leads and their needs.

5. Lead Distribution

Companies need to use lead management software to save time. So companies can distribute leads between their employees or salespeople across territories in the required manner. Our world is growing day by day therefore you should use digital practices instead of manual practices. After distribution, our team can give their attention to leads.

6. Lead Nurturing

You should always keep in your mind that all your leads are not sales-ready. Some customers who will interact with your website may just be browsing. Therefore always note down their pain points and should try to solve their pain and doubts. You should provide lots of information about your company in the public domain. It will provide nurturing of products. with lead management software, you can send a nurture campaign to send these leads who are now not ready to make a purchase 

Conclusion: Best Lead Management Software

Lead management companies are growing day by day because they are making our business work easier and it helps their users in different stages to improve their leads. Leads management companies are in today’s need because our business world now become challenging and the consumer generation process is becoming difficult day by day.

This concludes our list of best lead management software and the benefits. You can choose any of these tools to boost your lead generation process. If you’re in the healthcare industry, then you can use a healthcare development service and then integrate lead generation software with your app/tool.

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