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The Best Luxe Bedroom Sets for Your LuxLife

Are you in the process of surrounding yourself with luxurious, modern furnishings and décor? If you have been toying with the idea of redesigning your home’s furniture and décor, the bedroom is a great place to start. If you already like your bedroom the way it is, consider using these tips to design your guest room.

The following features will give you an idea of what types of luxury bedroom sets are available. These are the most popular features of luxe bedroom sets, although you probably won’t find all features in one complete set. To see all bedroom sets here.

Choose an elegant fabric headboard

An elegantly shaped and upholstered headboard is just one of the ways you can really make your bedroom both luxurious and comfortable. Tall and/or tufted fabric headboards are trending the most, but you can also choose a headboard that combines glam and elegance in one mirrored headboard with a tufted fabric inlay. Of course, you can also get glam bedroom sets, but these are not what most people have in mind when they think of “luxury furniture.”

The most popular upholstery fabrics for headboards are velvet and linen. Both have specific care instructions to keep them clean and beautiful for several years at least. Check out those requirements and choose upholstery that you know you can maintain properly.

Elegant bedroom benches in the French style

The best part of decorating a luxury bedroom is that you can choose to mix in other styles, and French furniture is always a popular choice. You can get some beautiful, soft, well-cushioned bedroom benches with legs resembling the traditional French style. The combined look blends well into the rest of your luxe bedroom. You can also find benches that come as part of the matched bedroom set to complete the look.

Mirrors, faux shells, and faux crystals

Glam bed sets generally feature mirrored fronts, bright and reflective faux shell inlays, and hardware featuring faux crystals. These elements also work well in your luxe bedroom design. Even though these design elements seem extravagant and glamourous, the price of these bed sets put luxury styles within reach of most consumers.

Choose a dresser with a mounted mirror

Including mirrors wherever possible in your interior design is a great way to add to the glam look at a low price. Extend that idea by choosing a dresser that comes with an optional mounted dresser mirror. This makes your dresser more functional while also providing a reflection of key art, lighting, or other bedroom design elements.

Look at bed sets with vanities

A luxury vanity fulfills many purposes in the luxe bedroom. Vanity is another opportunity to be flashy, with many options having a faux shell inlay or mirrored drawer fronts. Vanities also present you with another opportunity for creative design with mirrors, and they usually come with a matching bench to provide you with even more seating.

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