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Best Mobile Apps for Learning Anything: Must-Have Mobile Applications

Let’s agree that smartphones and tablets are one of the best inventions in recent times. They aren’t just for social media, and games. If used right, they can help you grow your knowledge about almost everything you’re curious about. During this pandemic, the use of smartphones and tablets has changed the way we study and we work. Mobile apps have turned smartphones into virtual classrooms. Advanced learning software can help kids gather a lot of knowledge. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best mobile apps for learning. 

Best Mobile Apps for Online Learning


UDEMY is a huge online service that offers a wide range of courses ranging from web design to personal growth. You can even learn guitar if you want to use the courses on UDEMY. Want to start your own business? They have a course for that too, basically, anything you can think of learning online, UDEMY probably has an online course for it.

UDEMY app provides access all over the world, users can watch videos and learning material on their mobile devices. Although there’s one thing that you need to know, while the app itself is free to download, each course however is paid. The best part is that UDEMY often hosts blowout sales on multiple courses which may allow you to get $100 worth of courses in less than $20. 


LYNDA is pretty much like UDEMY, it offers a wide range of courses on all kinds of subjects. The LYNDA app provides you with the freedom to learn at your own pace, you can learn the courses whenever you have the time to fix it. 

Unlike UDEMY, LUNDA’s huge content library can be accessed on a monthly subscription basis. This means users can take up as many courses as they want under one fixed fee. You can even use the free 10 days trial to see if you like the app enough.

3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization made by Sal Khan and it is one of the best learning apps available. Before building one of the best online mobile learning apps, Sal Khan was a teacher and an entrepreneur. 

If you compare it with services like UDEMY and LYNDA, the major difference is that all the courses you get are 100% free. Users can take every single course in the app and still won’t have to pay even a single buck for it. Most of the courses on the app revolve around “academic subjects” such as math, science, and humanities. You can even find a list of computer science as well.

4. TED

Claiming itself as one of the best collections of “knowledge in dangerously addictive short ideas”, TED is another non-profit organization that is dedicated to spreading ideas and inspirational thoughts. It contains videos that are usually 18 minutes or less, these videos are known as “Ted Talks” and can be on any of the major subjects. TED mobile app combines the complete TED videos library in one place and all the content is free to watch. 

5. Lumosity

The Lumosity app provides a good enough workout for your brain. The Lumostiy app provides the ideal way to train your brain with a wide range of brain-teasing games. The main purpose of the app is to focus on improving your mental efficiency, help you learn new things, improve focus, and increase problem-solving capabilities.

As with other apps on this list, the Lumosity app is free to download on your device but to get the most out of the service, you may want to subscribe to its monthly subscription. 

6. Goodreads

Want to learn something about something? Read books. Even in this digital and fast-paced world, books remain one of the best solutions to learn anything. Now the book reading experience has gone digital and Goodreads helps you manage that experience. 

With over 40 million members, Goodreads is basically a social media platform for books. They help you find the right book out of literally countless books. No matter what you want to read, the community at Goodreads can help you find the ideal book.

7. Duolingo

A lot of people wish to learn a foreign language but don’t have the right resources for it. Whether you wish to learn Spanish or French or any other language, it contains a variety of apps to learn from. Duolingo’s mobile app is a brilliant way to get started. The Duolingo app offers a user-friendly learn at your own pace system that suits both beginners and experts alike. It makes use of pictures and common phrases spoken around the world, and in no time you’ll be able to learn the language you want to!

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