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Best Sales Automation Software Tools for Your Business

Sales Automation Software allows companies to systematize their sales process and tasks including leads and conversions. The sales automation tools bring everything in one place with reports and performance analytic. With sales automation solutions you can manage the complete history for the sales of your business. You can effortlessly calculate small details that are vital in understanding how your business is performing.

Best Sales Automation software tools can help you get a detailed overview of the work done by your sales team. A good CRM (Customer relationship management) software includes sales automation tools for both huge enterprises and small business software.

Try The Best Sales Automation Software With Free Trials

Don’t need to blindly invest in any sales automation solution. You can decide with tool is best for you and the good thing is that all the software comes with a free trial. You can also go with sales automation tools reviews, they can help you choose which software you should try at first!!

The best thing you can do while choosing the best “sales automation software” tools for your business is to try platforms that have brilliant customer reviews. All of the sales automation solutions offer a free trial so that consumers can try their services.

Top 10 Best Sales Automation Software Tools Reviews 2022

We have compiled our list of “best sales automation software” based on efficiency, time-saving and user friendly UI. Here’s our pick for the top 10 sales Automation solutions for increasing your business’s sales. 

1. Pega Sales Automation

Pega sales automation tool functions with AI, aiming towards increasing sales, revenue, and productivity. The best part about Pega sales automation is that it’s AI can help you forecast upselling, cross-selling and repeat purchases. The sales automation solution uses AI to choose the best leads and guide sales reps to turn the leads into conversion. Plus, its dashboard will automatically show you offers and lead ranking scores based on how your team is performing. 

  • Standard plan: $140/mo
  • Intelligence plan: $170/mo
  • Engagement Plan: $250/mo


  • Helps in increasing lead qualification by using chat bot
  • Improve Email productivity by using intelligent virtual assistant
  • Boosts performance with AI Sales coach
  • Qualifies and converts best leads with rankings

2. Bpm’online Sales – Automation Software Tools

Bpm’online sales is a cloud computing bases end to end sales automation software that covers all the basics of sales. It helps you in automating and generating sales and revenue reports, it also automates sales forecast, meeting schedule and much more. In simple words, it is an all in one tool for businesses that focus on sales only! Its built-in software allows you to manage your sales rep team efficiently and effectively, you get a detailed analysis of all metrics of sales. You can also keep a check on how every single member of your team is doing by maintaining a lead scoring tracker. 

  • Team Plan: $25/mo.
  • Commerce Plan: $30/mo.
  • Enterprise Plan: $50/mo.


  • Incredible social media integration
  • Customer data management
  • Knowledge management library
  • Document and Lead management

3. Hubspot – Best Sales Automation Tools

Hubspot is a world-famous CRM with sales Best sales automation software tools. CRM does all the work for you as the interface is intuitive and automatic. It’s Sales automation solutions reviews tell you that you don’t have to put your brain in manual work as you can easily manage everything with just a few clicks. It keeps track of all your data like recording calls, managing your data and also helps you with tips to increase your sales.

Hubspot’s best part is that it is free for life. It comes integrated for all the tools that are necessary for a CRM. You can build and maintain an Email marketing chain with Hubspot as well. 


  • Customizable dashboard to view entire sales pipeline
  • Storage of up to 1 million contacts
  • Email tracking
  • Meeting scheduling, live chat & prospect tracking
  • Automatic publication of emails

4. Prospect.io – Sales Automation Software Tools

Prospect.io is a sales automation software tools that can help you find new leads and prospects. Its email finder feature is one of the best in its field, it is also available as a web extension. Apart from providing robust email features it also helps you get a detailed metric of your sales, leads, and conversions. Another great thing is that it integrates well with CRM tools such as Hubspot, Salesforce and many more.

  • 1000 Credits for $99


  • Brilliant in-built email finder
  • Helps you find prospects on professional platforms
  • Templates and variables
  • Website domain search
  • Find Email address in bulk

Get Started With Prospect.io

5. Autoklose – Sales Automation Software

Autoklose is another example of a great sales automation software that integrates very well with salesforce. It comes equipped with multiple tools including lead generation, email campaign management, real-time tracking and reporting, team management tool and contact management tool as well. The software also enables automatic lead generation and targeting. To help you choose the best sales automation solutions Autoklose offers you a free 14 days trial.


  • Keeps a comprehensive contact database
  • Lead database integration
  • Data import/export
  • Pipeline management
  • Lead segmentation

6. Growbots – Sales Automation Solutions

Growbots is a growing outbound sales automation solution trusted by huge brands all around the world. The platform help you find the right leads with their email address. It allows you to personalize, design, customize and track email campaigns. The one thing that sets this platform apart from other sales automation tools is that it allows you to do A/B testing on your campaign templates to make the most out of it. Detailed insights are provided to boost your sales. 

Quotation needs to be requested from the website for pricing. 


  • Unlimited database access
  • 10% Bounce rate
  • Instant contact list generation
  • Time-zone detection

7. Yesware – Sales Automation Tools

Yesware is a niche sales automation tools that transforms your email (Google & Outlook) into a sales automation tools. You can also schedule emails to be sent later and you can add a reminder to help save your time. It also lets you create A/B testing and send emails using templates. The best part is that it allows you to integrate your email inboxes with your Salesforce and LinkedIn sales. 

  • Pro Plan: $12
  • Premium: $25
  • Enterprise: $55


  • Centralized team building
  • Role based permission
  • Mail merge
  • Team reports

Personalized templates for all needs

8. Outreach -Sales Engagement Platform

Outreach was designated as the no. 1 sales engagement platform. Outreach is designed to automate the sales process of your business. Outreach helps in making sales representatives highly productive. The platform comes equipped with 360 view metrics and it allows the users to see every metric including all the factors of sales. Additionally, the platform is equipped with an AI sales sequence, powerful sales dialer, meeting schedules, email tracking. The whole automated process increases the effectiveness of sales rep productivity. However, it doesn’t support integration with LinkedIn sales navigator account. 


  • Auto dialing
  • Impressive call recording feature
  • Complete dashboard experience
  • Call list management
  • Performance management

9. Ahoy.AI – Sales Automation Software

Ahoy.Ai is a smart “sales automation software” that follows the niche of a meeting schedule that enables you to automate meeting scheduling with everyone with a single email. Ahoy.Ai will automatically check your calendar for availability, send invites for meetings and sync your calendars for availability. The reason why it is so famous among the user is that it requires no installation and free to use. This sales automation solution will help you save both time and money!


  • Real time management
  • Room booking management
  • Comprehensive alerts/notifications
  • Calender management

10. Calendly – Automation Software Tools

Calendly is another great sales automation software that specializes in automated meeting scheduling so that you can save hours on sending and receiving emails. It is used by over 2 million people worldwide. The software enables you to send your own customized links to your leads. It supports group scheduling for webinars, training and much more. Even though it is automated, you can still schedule meetings and calls via manual methods. 

  • Basic Plan: $0/mo
  • Premium: $8/mo.
  • Pro: $12/mo.


  • Great admin features
  • Calender integration
  • Helps you manage all kind of meetings
  • A huge list of customization

Which Sales Automation Software Tools Are Right For You?

Are you ready to get started with your own sales automation software? Best sales automation tools can help your business in various ways, it can help you increase your sales representative’s productivity. Increase productivity and much more. Choose software that compliments your needs and you’ll be fine. 

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