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Best Sports Tickets Sites & Apps to Book Tickets

Everyone loves sports, but grabbing the best seats for the hottest events can be tough. If you’re looking to book tickets and aren’t sure where to get some, then you aren’t alone. 

Finding the right seat can be super expensive if you don’t know where to look. Plus, buying online tickets can be annoying if your tickets end up being in a completely different section compared to what you thought they would be. 

Here’s our list of the best sports ticket sites and apps that you can use to book tickets.

Best Sports Tickets Sites & Apps

1. StubHub

StubHub is a ticket booking platform that offers a marketplace for sellers and buyers to exchange tickets. The platform acts as the best platform for fans of the game to find the best tickets. 

It even has iOS and Android apps that users can download. 

2. Event Tickets Center

Event Tickets Center is another secure and reliable platform for purchasing tickets to a range of events, including sports, concerts, and theatre shows. 

The user-friendly interface ensures a seamless and enjoyable ticket-buying experience, allowing you to effortlessly secure your spot at the hottest events in town.

3. SeatGeek

SeatGeek is a user-friendly platform that enhances your ticket-buying experience by offering a dynamic and intuitive color-coded seat map. 

This innovative feature allows you to easily identify and select the best available seats for your favorite events, ensuring that you have an optimal view and an unforgettable live experience.

4. TicketIQ

TicketIQ offers a reassurance of reliability with its prestigious A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. TicketIQ offers you the peace of mind you deserve when purchasing tickets. 

Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is reflected in this accolade, highlighting the trustworthiness and integrity that define our ticket-buying platform.

5. Ticketmaster

While Ticketmaster may not have the best reputation among users due to its hidden fees and some unfair practices. At the end of the day, Ticketmaster is still one of the most popular ticket-booking sites.

It also has a great iOS app and notifies you about sporting events around you. 

6. Vivid Seats

Vivid Seats is another great option if you want to secure premium sports tickets at the best prices, all backed by the exclusive 100% buyer guarantee. 

Vivid Seats is committed to your satisfaction and goes beyond just providing access to sought-after events; it ensures that you receive unparalleled peace of mind throughout the entire ticket-buying process.

7. Barry’s Tickets

Barry’s Tickets is a beautiful-looking website that’s aimed at giving you low price tickets. On the forefront of their website, you’ll see what they stand for “Great Seats, Great Prices.”

If you’re looking to score the best seats for the next sporting event, then you should give Barry’s Tickets a try.

Best All-Around Ticket Booking Sites

If you’re into sports and want a one-stop solution for tickets, StubHub is a top pick. They cover NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, and more. 

With an easy-to-navigate platform, you can compare prices, check out an interactive seating map, and even get excellent customer service. Need a refund for fake tickets? No problem – a quick call or chat, and they’ve got you covered.

ScoreBig is another gem, focusing on unsold tickets for MLB, NFL, and NBA. It’s straightforward – type in your location and date, and you’re set. Plus, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee and frequent 10% off promotions.

Now, Craigslist is a bit different. It’s a wild card for sports tickets but requires a keen eye. Anyone can sell here, so it’s not as secure. Customer service isn’t the best, but with some attention to detail, you might snag incredible deals. Just be cautious – what you see is what you get.

Top Mobile Focused Ticket Buying Sites

If you’re on the hunt for tickets, StubHub is your go-to. They’ve got it all – NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, you name it. It’s an easy-to-use platform, that offers price comparisons, interactive seating maps, and killer customer service. Lost your tickets? No sweat – a quick call or chat, and they sort you out.

ScoreBig is another winner, focusing on unsold tickets for MLB, NFL, and NBA. Just type in your location and date, and you’re good to go. Plus, they’ve got a solid 100% money-back guarantee and frequent 10% off promos.

Now, Craigslist is a different game. It’s a wildcard, but with a sharp eye, you can find some awesome sports deals. Just know it’s not Fort Knox – anyone can sell here. Customer service isn’t top-notch, so be cautious. What you see is what you get, so keep those peepers peeled for steals!

Best Priced Ticket Finding Sites

For the budget-conscious ticket hunter, look no further than SeatGeek, TicketsNow, or Vivid Seats. These sites are renowned for delivering the best-priced tickets on the market.

SeatGeek keeps it simple by displaying the ticket price inclusive of all fees and extras. No surprises at the checkout – just transparent pricing. Plus, they’ve got a nifty “deal score” feature, guiding you to the best bang for your buck.

TicketsNow, a trusted player since 1999, offers a secure, easy, and cost-effective ticket resale experience. Meanwhile, Vivid Seats goes the extra mile with a 100% buyer guarantee, ensuring your complete peace of mind, safety, and security.

Looking for great seats at great prices? Barry’s Tickets has you covered. With their tagline “Great Seats, Great Prices,” they not only promise fantastic deals but also provide customers with a solid 100% buyer guarantee. Score!

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