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Best UK Broadband: Top UK Internet Providers to Choose From

Slow internet speeds can be annoying. It doesn’t matter what internet activities you do, slow internet can get pretty frustrating. With so many broadband providers, claiming to offer the best UK broadband service, it can get pretty confusing to choose the one that can keep up with your needs. Your internet speed needs are unique, and what kind of connection will be better for your home? What contract length you should look out for, and most important of all how do you figure out if a broadband provider is reliable? You can easily make mistakes and end up being stuck with the wrong broadband provider for a really long time.

In this guide, we’ll help you find the right broadband provider in the UK. Instead of you going door to door to find the right broadband provider for you, we’ve done the research for you. All you have to do is read out the guide and make sure that you don’t end up spending money on a service that you don’t even like. 

We’ve compiled our list of the best UK broadband providers based on last year’s customer satisfaction level, customer service, service reliability, and value for money.

How to Choose the Best Broadband Provider?

There are some things that you need to keep in mind before you start searching for the best broadband providers in the UK. These tips can help you find the ideal provider:

1. Check Your Coverage

When you want to find the best broadband provider, where you live makes a lot of difference. The speed you get and the reliability of the service will depend on the quality of cables between you and the hub of your local internet provider. Fibre connections are the rarest to find, it all comes down to if the service provider has fibre lines near your home or not. 

Most major internet service providers in the UK offer the feature of checking the coverage on their website. You can enter your postal code and find out which type of internet services are available near you.

2. Be Aware of Contracts

Some broadband companies have contracts that last 12 months, but ISPs often try to lock in new customers with longer contracts (18 months or 24 months). You may not mind if you have an incredible internet service provider, but if you want to switch to a better provider then you have no option but to wait till your contract ends. 

However, according to Ofcom regulations means that you can get out of your contract if your provider doesn’t provide the promised level of speed. Fortunately, most providers now allow customers to back out of the contract in the first month itself. 

3. Carefully Calculate the Total Cost of Signing Up

All internet service providers will bill you every month, but a good way to pick an internet service provider is to tally how much you would have to pay throughout the contract. As there are so many internet service providers in the market, you can get extremely competitive prices if you do your research right.

So, if you’re searching for a broadband provider in the UK, then you should keep an eye out for what you’re expected to pay. Some ISPs increase the price the first month after your contract ends. Some providers also increase their prices month after month, you can negotiate this if you can. All you have to do is tell them that you’re switching to another internet price.

4. Think About Speed

ISPs today have to advertise the speeds that they offer on their plans. These help consumers simply compare the internet service providers. But more speed doesn’t always mean more reliable service. You can find customer surveys available online which can show you which providers offer the fastest and most reliable services. 

One thing that has changed over time in the internet industry, is that most providers now offer unlimited internet throughout all their plans. So users with extremely heavy internet usage can rest easy that they won’t have to pay extra money for more data. 

Best UK Broadband Providers

1. Zen Internet: Best Customer Support Service

Zen Internet service ranks at the top of our list and it’s fair as they also won several awards in Best Broadband Awards category in 2021. It has the best customer satisfaction rating out of all the top internet service providers in the UK. Over 95% of Zen customers have reported a high satisfaction rating and their interaction with customer support was nothing but pleasant. Plus, customers are happy with the speed. However, in the value for money sections, Zen ranks a bit low. Most customers have said that they’d recommend Zen Internet to their friends and family. 

Zen Internet has many broadband options, ranging from ADSL2+ to FTTP services, this means that you can get the best possible speed based on where you live. As Zen isn’t exactly a huge internet service provider in the UK, there’s not much data available on Ofcom’s customer satisfaction survey. Compared to its providers, Zen definitely takes the crown when it comes to customer support. 

PlansPriceUpfront CostsAverage SpeedData CapContract Length
Unlimited BroadbandEUR 28/moEUR 2010 MBPSUnlimited12 months
Unlimited Fibre 1EUR 33/moEUR 3035 MBPSUnlimited12 months
Unlimited Fibre 2EUR 38/moEUR 3066 MBPSUnlimited12 months
Ultrafast FibreStarting from £39EUR 30300-900 MBPSUnlimited12 months

2. Plusnet: Best for Speed, Reliability, and Affordability

Plusnet has quickly risen through the ranks in recent years. It offers one of the best speeds and reliability all at an affordable price. Over time, Plusnet has gotten some great awards for offering great speeds and reliability. 

Plusnet doesn’t have the greatest speeds that you may find through EE and BT, but regardless it’s a great option for most users. The internet provider has shown decent performance in Ofcom’s most recent research and high scores for service and customer satisfaction. According to a survey, 82% of all Plusnet customers will recommend the provider to their friends and family.

PlansPriceUpfront CostsAverage SpeedData CapContract Length
Unlimited BroadbandEUR 22/moEUR 510 MBPSUnlimited12 months
Unlimited FibreEUR 25/moEUR 1036 MBPSUnlimited12 months
Unlimited Fibre ExtraEUR 27/moEUR 1066 MBPSUnlimited 12 months
Unlimited Broadband (18 months)EUR 19/moFree10 MBPSUnlimited18 months
Unlimited Fibre (18 months)EUR 23/moFree36 MBPSUnlimited18 months
Unlimited Fibre Extra (18 months)EUR 24/moFree66 MBPSUnlimited18 months

3. EE Broadband: Perfect Amalgamation of Price and Performance

EE won three awards in the 2021 Best Broadband Awards. All the users are highly satisfied with the speeds offered and they provide extreme value for money. EE Broadband is closely following Zen Internet for the number of satisfied customers. According to reports, over 85% of EE Broadband would suggest EE to their friends and family. 

Compared to other broadband providers in UK, EE broadband is a bit more expensive. It offers a good range and superfast internet service. EE mobile users can get up to 20GB of extra data for their contract if they sign up for EE’s broadband services as well. Plusnet offers a cheaper service, and Zen has a higher customer satisfaction rating, but EE ranks perfectly in the middle. 

PlansPriceUpfront CostsAverage SpeedData CapContract Length
Standard BroadbandEUR 22.50/moEUR 1010 MBPSUnlimited24 months
Fibre BroadbandEUR 24/moFree36 MBPSUnlimited24 months
Fibre Plus BroadbandEUR 30/moFree67 MBPSUnlimited24 months
Fibre Max 100EUR 35/moFree145 MBPSUnlimited24 months
Fibre Max 300EUR 44.50/moFree300 MBPSUnlimited24 months
Full Fibre Max 900EUR 55/moFree900 MBPSUnlimited24 months

4. Virgin Media Broadband: Great Internet Speeds

Virgin doesn’t have as many awards as other broadband providers in the UK on our list, but it still has some great things to offer to the customers. Mostly, Virgin offers great speeds to users.

You should keep in mind that in specific areas, Virgin has the fastest internet service, ranging from basic 54 MBPS to fibre connections that can offer 1 GBPS speeds. In terms of average speeds, Virgin Media Broadband can offer 220 MBPS speeds.

When it comes to value for money, Virgin doesn’t have the best reputation. The faster plans are already expensive and become more expensive when your contract is over. Virgin has one more problem, which is the customer service. If you call customer support, chances are you’d have to be on hold.

PlansPriceUpfront CostsAverage SpeedData CapContract Length
M50EUR 38/moFree54 MBPSUnlimited18 months
M100EUR 44/moFree108 MBPSUnlimited18 months
M200EUR 50/moFree213 MBPSUnlimited18 months
M350EUR 56/moFree362 MBPSUnlimited18 months
M500EUR 62/moFree516 MBPSUnlimited18 months
Gig1EUR 62/moFree1,140 MBPSUnlimited18 months

5. Sky Broadband: All-Round Internet Provider

Sky doesn’t have the best speeds or offers great value for money, but the plans aren’t as expensive as Zen, Virgin, or EE, and offer great customer service. Nearly 42% of the Sky customers said that they were satisfied with the services they were getting, including customer support. Sky also has a great reliability level in terms of internet service, Sky broadband now offers free anytime calls with some of its packages, which may make the experience great for some customers.

What’s even better, Sky offers great performance when it comes to ADSL2+ services and faster fibre plans. The Sky’s Ultrafast 145 MBPS service is the faster fibre option and it’s also affordable. Here’s the plan breakdown of Sky Broadband:

PlansPriceUpfront CostsAverage SpeedData CapContract Length
Sky Broadband SuperfastEUR 26/moEUR 19.9559 MBPSUnlimited18 months
Sky Broadband UltrafastEUR 35/moEUR 19.95145 MBPSUnlimited 18 months
Sky Broadband Ultrafast PlusEUR 45/moEUR 19.95500 MBPSUnlimited18 months
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