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Best UK Cities for Tech Jobs in 2022

Tech jobs are all the hype because of all the money in the industry. The second reason is that tech jobs are the future. According to a report in 2018, the employment rate in the technology sector has increased by 13.2% since 2014. And on average, tech salaries are £10,000 higher than in jobs that don’t require any kind of tech skills. 

If you’re in the UK, then you need to know about the best UK cities for tech jobs. We’ve made our list based on multiple factors, including salaries, type of job offered, and type of companies based in each city. For an overview of the cities with the best tech salaries, take a look at this list. 

Top UK Cities for Tech Jobs 2022

1. London – UK City for Tech Job

According to some reports, there are over 300,000 tech jobs in London and over 7,500 start-ups. In 2017, tech companies in London raised £2.54 billion as an investment. This amount accounts for around 80% of all the UK’s tech funding. 

The average tech salary in London is £61,800. The UK’s capital is home to no less than 13 billion-dollar tech companies. Some of the biggest companies include BenevolentAI, Blippar, Deliveroo, TransferWise, and Funding Circle. FinTech and eCommerce jobs are the most common jobs in the city.

2. ManchesterTechnological Job Hub in the UK

Manchester is the second largest technological job hub in the UK. It is the home to Media City, which houses companies like the BBC, ITV, and Ericsson, the city has a balance of brand new start-ups and tech firms. Manchester’s digital sector is worth £2.9 billion to the local economy, and it also has the largest number of digital jobs outside of London. 

With an average salary of £47,349, the city hosts a wide range of jobs like media, eCommerce, and biotech. 

3. EdinburghTechnological Job Hub in the UK

Scotland’s capital city has recently become incredibly famous for hosting a series of FinTech and Gaming industries. They’re home to companies like Rockstar North, FreeAgent, Skyscanner, and FanDuel. Edinburgh has over 250,000 digital jobs and 350+ start-ups. Just recently was voted the Entrepreneurial City of the Year in 2016.

For brand new start-ups, Edinburgh has a lot of co-working spaces and is home to UK’s largest tech incubator “CodeBase”. The average salary in Edinburgh is £52,639, and it only offers tech job seekers good living habits. 

4. Bristol and Bath

Bristol and Bath is known all over the world for its engineering and innovation. Over 60,000 people work in the tech industry in Bristol and Bath. The UK city tends to advertise data management, software, EdTech, and analytics jobs and it has an average tech salary of £47,063.

Bristol is home to the largest robotics lab in Europe. Moreover, the city saw the opening of Future Space, which provides laboratories and workspaces for technological companies. 

5. Reading

Reading has the second highest average tech salary in the UK, $53,255. The city is incredibly popular among tech job seekers. The city also has a digital tech turnover of £12.5 billion and has over 45,000 tech jobs. 

Reading has its roots in science and technology and enterprise, it’s the home to several multinational tech enterprises, including Cisco Systems, Microsoft, and Oracle. 

6. Brighton

While Brighton is well known for its art scene. Brighton is also an up-and-coming tech city with over 12,500 digital jobs and 218 tech start-ups. The city is the perfect culmination of tech sectors like gaming, media, and digital marketing. Brighton has an incredible portfolio of tech companies like American Express, Brandwatch, and more.

The average tech salary in Brighton is £44,608 and it also supports talent across the digital and tech sectors.

7. Birmingham – Fintech Companies

Birmingham is the home to a growing FinTech industry. It is the home to FinTech companies like Deutsche Bank and Oxygen Finance. More than 38,000 people work in the tech industry, in 6,000 tech companies. 

Birmingham has an average salary of £43,718 and the sector has strong roots in the city’s four universities. With recent tech development, Silicon Canal is only going to grow the city’s tech company count. 

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