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Top 5 Best Website Builder in 2022 for Small Business

We have researched the best Website Builder in 2022 on the basis of their price, support, plans, features, and performance. If you are running a small business and want to create a website without a developer then this post is very helpful for you. In starting it’s tricky which website builder in 2022 is helpful for your business. There are lots of free website builders in the market. Here we found some best Websites on the basis of their flexibility, support, and services.

First of all, you need to check your competitors and their website. From competitors, you can take an idea of what you want to include in your website.

Free Website Builder 2022 for Creating Business Website

1. WordPress: Most Used Website Builder

WordPress website builder is a very popular website builder. It’s so popular that 43% of all websites in the world are built on WordPress. Content Management System (WordPress) is a self-hosted website creator and it makes it super easy for you to manage your website. WordPress is capable of creating almost every kind of websites, such as blogs, business websites, personal websites, eCommerce stores, and more.

So, it’s an all-in-one website builder, and that’s why most users love it. The best part about is that you can learn how to build website on WordPress in mere minutes. The process is so simple, and the UI is intuitive enough to make work easy for you.

Pros of WordPress website builder:

  • WordPress is free and open-source.
  • WordPress gives you complete control over the website.
  • On WordPress, you can create E-commerce, community forums, social network, personal website, blogs, and more.
  • Drag and drop builder available.
  • SEO Friendly

2. Shopify – Best eCommerce Website Builder

Shopify website builder is one of the the best eCommerce website builder that is aimed at eCommerce websites and online stores. If you want to sell something through your website, then there’s no better option than Shopify. You can build almost any kind of eCommerce website you want with Shopify.

The Shopify tool in itself has a pretty basic design. If you’re a beginner, you won’t be able to put out an incredible website without the help of a developer. What we love about Shopify is that it’s super easy to build, edit, update, and more. But, you won’t get too many customization options that are available on other website builders.

If you want to make the website the highlight of your brand, then Wix or Squarespace may be a better option for you.

Pros of Shopify website builder:

  • Integrated payment solution
  • Third-party payment gateway integration
  • Easily integrate Shopify into WordPress

3. Weebly – Best for Small Teams

Weebly is another website builder platform. Using the Weebly website builder, solo entrepreneurs and small teams can easily create websites. If you don’t know, Weebly is powered by Square (the famous POS company).

What makes Weebly one of the best website builder is their simple website designing experience. if you’re a freelancer, consultant, or solo member, then Weebly is your best bet. Although Weebly lacks customization features and scalability of WordPress, it’s still a great option.

Pros of Weebly website builder:

  • Lots of templates available
  • Live editor and wonderful design
  • Easy to create an online store
  • Features of Contact Forms

4. WIX – Cloud-Based Website Builder

If you’re building a website for the very first time, then WIX is the best choice for you. You’ll have a lot of fun building your website with WIX. Plus, the AI helps you create a website in minutes after you answer a couple of basic questions. What we love about WIX is that it gives you an option to let the AI build the tool.

WIX is the most popular cloud-based free website builder software. It is very easy to use and create a website. You can use some of the best WIX coupons to get exclusive discounts on paid apps and functionalities.

Pros of WIX website builder:

  • Editable Design using drag and drop builder
  • SEO Friendly
  • Free & Paid apps with new functionality

5. Squarespace – Website Builder for All Types of Creators

Squarespace is loved by creators and business owners because of the creative freedom it offers. The setup and working process are super easy. Although, in terms of themes I think Squarespace can do a bit better.

The backed website editor is highly intuitive and easy to use. So, even the most non-tech-friendly users can get used to it. We like it because it offers a creative outlet for creators of today who want to build something for themselves. If you deal with a lot of video content, then Squarespace will do wonders for you. Embedding YouTube videos is a matter of mere minutes.

Overall, Squarespace allows its users to build an alluring blog or portfolio without giving you a lot of issues. If you’re a creator and you want to entice users with beautiful visuals, then you definitely need Squarespace. One thing is for sure, Squarespace is a professional popular, and very easy-to-use website builder in 2023.

Pros of Squarespace website builder:

  • Multiple Template
  • Fully Editable
  • Create Layout using Drag & Drop
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