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Choosing the Right Betting App Made Easy

If you have been following the news regarding online gambling over the last few years, you will already know millions of more bettors have been welcomed to the fold since 2018. The US government passed a historic bill clearing the way for states to tear up the long-running and controversial ban on betting. 

This has allowed governors of many states to permit gambling within state lines while taxing the world’s best online sportsbooks for the privilege of trading on their turf. Many governors have already seen it as the ideal way to help their economy recover from the crippling effects of COVID.

Clean Slate and Chance to Impress

Relaxing the laws has also removed the burden on Washington as they are no longer involved in an ongoing battle with technology to stay one step ahead of the sports betting industry. Suppose you are interested in joining the movement and placing bets on your favourite sports competitions, including the UFC, NBA and NFL. In that case, you will want to have the best and most reliable betting apps at your disposal. But how do you do that?

When seeking out a gambling app to download to your Android or iOS device, you will notice that there is no shortage of firms vying for your attention, which is no surprise. Imagine the joy of bookies, both established and start-ups, when they announced that they would have access to millions of new gamblers in America. A clean page and a chance to boost their profits on a scale never seen before.

Owners of the most successful betting apps understand the desire of people to enjoy their newfound freedoms by using smartphones to legally gamble on fixtures from anywhere and at the touch of a button. They want you to place those bets on their app and are willing to offer you a red carpet welcome. But, when faced with so much choice, how do you know which bookie is for you? Here are three things you should insist on before downloading.

Generous Welcome Bonus

The most successful online betting apps ensure a constant stream of new members by offering a welcome bonus to everyone who signs up and starts gambling. This is a promotion used by the marketing teams to help a brand stand out from the crowd in what has become one of the most competitive markets in business. With many of the top bookies appearing almost identical, a generous welcome bonus can help sway your decision.

The welcome bonuses offered by sportsbooks come in a few different forms, but the free bet is the most popular at the time of writing. This deal gives you free bet tokens to the value of your first deposit and wager, sometimes greater. That means if you register for a betting account, make your first deposit using a debit card and place a qualifying sportsbook bet, you will land a free bet. This can be used to gamble on the sports and markets of your choice, including Premier League football and Grand Slam tennis.

Big Odds on Your Bets

Every bet you place should be at the highest possible odds available, also known as the market best price. If your bookie is offering odds on a bet and a rival has a larger offer, your stake money should always be on the more eye-catching quote. The differences and margins may seem small, but they soon add up and could prove to be the difference between making a profit this year and suffering a loss.

Taking anything less than the market best price also hands yet another advantage to the bookies’ traders, who already have almost all the aces. Help level the score by ensuring you have the value working in your favour.

Live Streaming

You want a betting app that allows you to watch sport on an HD quality live stream from anywhere in the country. The best sportsbooks allow members to watch horse racing, soccer, and football free of charge if they have placed a bet on the outcome. 

Live streams are accompanied by in-play betting odds, the latest stats and live scores from around the competition of interest to you.

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