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Cloud Camera Solutions – Why Do You Need Them?

Businesses from all over the world were forced to go to their home because of the Covid-19 pandemic. A lot of businesses lost business because they didn’t have the right type of protection. This is when the cloud camera solutions industry went through a sudden growth period,

To protect their businesses, cloud video surveillance solutions became a necessity. There are endless cloud camera solutions out there that are helping businesses worldwide. 

State of Safety and Security of Businesses During Pandemic

According to some data, during the pandemic, a lot of businesses were broken into. Burglary cases almost doubled during the first year of the pandemic. 

Because of the sudden lockdown implementations all across the world, businesses couldn’t arrange better business monitoring. Due to uncertain lengthy lockdowns, businesses didn’t want to make unnecessary expenses. 

This is what led to a sudden increase in burglary cases. 

Why Cloud Camera Solutions are Crucial?

Camera cloud video surveillance provides business owners with a live feed of their premises regardless of where they are. All the owners need is a fast internet connection, and they can monitor everything in their businesses in real-time. 

Here’s a breakdown of all the reasons why Cloud Camera Solutions are important:

1. Remote Surveillance By Cloud WiFi Camera

As business owners couldn’t get in touch with site managers, and couldn’t visit the facilities, they had no way to monitor the operations. Cloud camera solutions can change this situation. Even if you’re unable to get in touch with managers, or if you’re unable to visit the premises, you can keep track of everything. 

With an app or a website, a Cloud CCTV camera offers live video footage access. All you need is a fast and reliable internet service. 

2. CCTV Cloud Storage 

If you’re using hardware to store your camera footage, it may get stolen or damaged.

Cloud WiFi camera solutions allow you to store your footage where it can’t be harmed. Most cloud camera solutions automatically backup the camera feed to the cloud. From there, you can access the footage with your username and password.

3. Complete Control Over Surveillance

During the pandemic, business owners and employees were stuck at home. So, the owners could not keep an eye on their premises. Sometimes, this led to some hefty losses. 

This is why cloud camera solutions are important. They offer you complete control, as you can see what’s going on in your office complex. 

Cloud-based security cameras can help you maintain your office’s, home security and safety. As you’re watching everything in real-time, you can solve the issue in the best way possible.

4. Instant Action Using Cloud Video Surveillance Solutions

During the pandemic, multiple facilities had to be left without security as there were lockdown restrictions. As people couldn’t leave their homes, companies could no longer rely on manual security for the safety of the premises. 

Cloud Camera Solutions allow business owners, and managers to monitor serious threats such as theft. With the help of cloud camera solutions, you can make sure that your premises are safe and secure when there’s no one. 

If you want, you can combine your camera solutions with an Alarm system, which will alert the authorities in the case of a break-in.

5. Rule Following 

Businesses couldn’t keep track of their employees without cameras cloud video surveillance. Employees who break rules and regulations should be punished as per company guidelines. 

If you can’t be at the office premises, then you can use the cameras to monitor the operations in real-time. 

Cloud CCTV Cameras make sure that no one is breaking any rules. You can monitor:

  • Employee’s in and out times. You can also monitor which employees are wasting time.
  • Whether employees and management are following the right safety and health protocols.
  • Opening and closing times of the office premises. 

Conclusion: Cloud WiFi Camera Solutions

After the pandemic, the need to cloud camera solutions became clear to small, medium, and large-scale businesses. They ensure a smooth and safe running of a facility during and after working hours. 

CCTV cloud cameras not only protect the premises, but they also help in monitoring the day-to-day operations.

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