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Best Home Security Systems of 2022

Securing your home is always a good thing, and you need to choose the right kind of home security system for 2022. To help you make a more educated decision, we did the research for you. As there are so many home security systems to choose from, it’s easy to get confused and make the wrong decision.

The IoT landscape has made it extremely easy to set up a security system for your home. The best part is that you can control the home security devices with ease from your smartphone. Based on your home security needs, you can either choose a system that you can monitor yourself, or pay a subscription fee to have your home surveilled 24/7 by professionals. These professionals contact the authorities when they figure out something suspicious. The subscription-based services work best if you stay away from your home too much.

If you don’t have the money to spend on a dedicated security system, then there are plenty of other home security systems to choose from. You get indoor and outdoor security cameras, video doorbells, motion sensors, and smart locks. 

Here’s our complete list of home security systems for 2022. 

Top-Rated Home Security Systems 2022

BrandKnown ForLowest Monitoring PriceStarter Equipment CostContractSmart Home Compatibility
VivintBest overall$29.99/mo$599.00NoAmazon, Google, Z-Wave
FrontpointHigh-end DIY $34.99/mo$129.00NoAmazon, Google, Z-Wave
SimpliSafeEditor’s Choice$17.99/mo$229.00NoAmazon, Google
CoveBest customer experience$27.99/moQuote requiredNoAmazon, Google
ADTMost experienced$20.00/mo$0.00*YesAmazon, Google, Z-Wave

1. Vivint: Best overall home security system

Vivint ranks top on our list of best home security systems and it deserves to be on top. Vivint is a home security system that takes care of everything by itself. You get high-end equipment, professional installation, 24/7 dedicated monitoring, smart home connectivity, and sophisticated security technology. All this is enough to make it the best wireless home security system. 

One thing that stood out for us while testing Vivint was the security cameras with Smart deter lurker detection. But, Vivint is not for everyone just because of its price tag. The equipment costs are not everyone’s cup of tea but the monitoring fee is industry standard. Here are all the reasons we love Vivint:

  • Professional installation at a surprisingly low cost ($49)
  • Financing options where equipment payment and monitoring are separate
  • Smart home security mobile app
  • Completely proprietary tech for better security
  • Unique car guard device
  • 24/7 professional monitoring

2. Frontpoint: Best high-end DIY home security system

Frontpoint offers all the features that you’d expect out of a home security system. You get the option of installing all the equipment by yourself (which is fairly easy to do so). If you love to get things done by yourself, then Frontpoint should be your choice. While it’s a DIY home security system, that doesn’t mean it skips out on security standards. 

Moreover, all the systems come with a Frontpoint ID Protect that’s supported by AllState ID Protection. So, you can protect your home and yourself with Frontpoint. 

  • Smart home integration
  • Wide array of equipment to choose from
  • Smartphone control app
  • Indoor and outdoor security cameras
  • 24/7 video recordings
  • Access to security video on your TV
  • Video verification to eliminate false alarms
  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Good customer experience
  • Great extras on the entry-level plans
  • Completely wireless alarm system

3. SimpliSafe: Editor’s Choice

SimpliSafe is a fan favorite home security system. During our testing, the whole team loved what it had to offer. SimpliSafe home security systems are affordable, simple to use, and straightforward. Plus, the pricing makes it an even better choice. Out of all the options on our list, SimpliSafe offers the lowest monthly monitoring fee. The best part is that you can choose to stop the monitoring whenever you want to. 

SimpliSafe’s RapidOs feature helps speed things up in an emergency. It connects directly to a 911 dispatcher instead of sending the information to the monitoring center. This way, first responders can get to you as quickly as possible. 

  • You can choose the type of equipment and monitoring service you want
  • No-pressure online shopping experience
  • No contracts on monitoring service
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • New outdoor camera setup

4. Cove: Best customer support

If customer service is your primary concern, then Cove should be your first choice for a home security system. Cove pays attention to everything their customers say and they make customer support their first priority. Their customer support had led to a 98% customer retention rate. All the customers love Cove, and the features it offers make it lovable. 

You also get affordable monthly monitoring prices, and you don’t have to sign up for a contract for it. Plus, you can get rid of the monitoring system if you don’t want it. The best part is that you don’t have to pay penalties and fees.

  • Large 7-inch touchscreen panel that comes with every plan
  • InstaText service that allows you to confirm an emergency using a text message
  • LiveAssist service lets you call through the touch control panel
  • RapidSOS for getting help to your home sooner
  • Cove equipment rewards that let you upgrade to the newest equipment for free
  • Lifetime equipment warranty
  • Rate lock guarantee 

5. ADT: Home security system with the most trust

ADT is the oldest and one of the most trusted security monitoring companies in the USA. If you have a home security system from ADT, then you can rest easy. ADT is a well-known, tried, and tested security company. 

ADT Home Security has more monitoring centers compared to any of its competitors. So you can be assured that your home’s protection is transferred to the next center if one goes down. ADT takes 24/7 protection to the next level. 

  • Most trusted home security service for almost 145 years
  • ADT home security takes care of more than 8 million people across the globe
  • 9 professional monitoring centers in the USA
  • Partnerships and integrations with top technology from Google Nest and Ford
  • 6-month service and money-back guarantee 

Final Word: Home Security Systems

Vivint wins the race when it comes to the “best home security systems“, offering you both smart home features, and top-notch home security tech. This makes it the best home security system for most people.

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