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Cool Google Assistant Commands List to Try

The Google Assistant launched in May 2016. This virtual assistant resembles Alexa from Amazon and Siri from Apple. Google Assistant is available on all platforms such as Android, ChromeOS, iOS, iPadOS, KaiOS, MacOS, and Linux.

Millions of people use Google Assistant to do a lot of day-to-day tasks. It is arguably one of the best virtual assistants. It can comprehend many different languages and it can make the lives of people easier.

Having said that, let’s discuss the top 20 cool Google Assistant tricks in this blog so you can try them out and make your life a bit easier.

Must Try Google Assistant Commands

1. Choose a Nickname for Yourself

Hearing your desired name is pretty cool, right? Just give yourself the name or honor you’ve always wanted to have, and your fantasies will be fulfilled.

If you’ve always wanted to be called “Lord/Lady,” all you have to do is tell your Google Assistant to refer to you as such and it will follow suit and do so whenever you ask for it.

2. Call Anyone From Your Contact List

If your hands are busy somewhere else and you want to make a quick call, your Google Assistant can do so. Just say “Okay Google, call (person’s name)” and it’s going to make a call for you. Imagine telling someone 50 years ago you’d be able to do this in the future. Crazy, right?

3. Watch Videos Without Touching The Screen

The trailer for your favorite movie can be played by Google Assistant. Simply say “Play Oppenheimer Trailer” to start the movie trailer. Not just trailers, you can ask it to play specific videos as well. 

4. Your Assistant Can Make You Laugh

Do you need some entertainment in between working long hours and feeling bored? You can ask your Google Assistant to tell you a joke. Before you go out trying this Google Assistant command, you need to know most of the jokes told fall under the category of “Dad Jokes”.

Regardless, you can simply ask for a joke whenever you’re feeling bored. Laughter with these jokes is not guaranteed, but still, you can try it out. 

5. Solve Maths Calculations With Your Assistant

Instead of opening the calculator on your phone and manually typing calculations which often leads to mistakes, you can use Google Assistant to make calculations for you. 

To do this, say “Okay Google, do some calculations for me”. After getting a response, say whatever calculations you want it to do and it’ll do it. 

6. Google Assistant Can Recite Your Poems When You Want

Love poems and written art forms in general? You can use Google Assistant to recite poems to you or send you poems daily. You don’t have to put in a lot of effort to catch up with your hobbies.

Poetry can improve your capacity for imaginative thought. Ask Google Assistant to recite poems to you. Or set a daily schedule with your Google Assistant to send poems to you every day.

7. Increase your General Knowledge

Ask a random fun fact about your favorite star, and know about the seven wonders of the world. Find out the overall height of Mount Everest if you enjoy learning interesting facts. 

Whether your query relates to history, geography, or anything else, Google Assistant is here to assist you. It can offer data pertaining to every field.

8. Open Your Preferred Channel on YouTube

Want to watch a specific YouTuber and a specific video? It’s a hassle to search the channel, find the video from a huge list, and then play it. 

With Google Assistant, you can simply skip these steps by telling the Assistant to play the video you want to watch. Be specific about the name of the channel, and the video you want to see.

9. Google Assistant Can Remember Things For You

It’s a common thing to be too stressed and too busy to remember small things you have to do or keep track of physical things. Use Google Assistant as your personal reminder to remind you of things. 

You can ask it to remember passwords, remind you of important tasks, or where you’ve kept certain things. 

For instance, if you keep your valuable keys on your desk.

You can tell your Google Assistant that they are on the study table by saying, “My keys are on the study table.”

After that, whenever you ask Google Assistant “Where are my keys?” it’ll tell you that your keys are on the table.

10. Make Google Assistant an Alarm Clock

This one is pretty basic. Instead of setting an alarm manually, just say Google Assistant to set an alarm.

You can set multiple alarms or set reminders of things you have to do throughout the day.

11. Google Assistant Can Sing for You

You will be surprised after listening to the pleasant voice of your Google Assistant. Whenever you feel bored or want some fun, you can ask your Google Assistant to sing a song for you.

12. Recite To-Do List

In the morning, you can ask Google Assistant what you have to do in the day. It will give you a rundown of all the tasks you have to complete, your reminders, your alarms, a user-tailored news briefing, etc. Depending on your needs, you can include more items in your daily briefing.

13. Ask Your Assistant to Sing Happy Birthday to You

You can customize your Google Assistant to wish you and your family members a happy birthday.

Not only that, but you can also customize it to sing Happy Birthday as the clock strikes 12. It’s an innovative and cool way to wish someone a happy birthday.

14. Play the Music of Your Choice

Say the name of your music to Google Assistant, and it will start playing in a flash rather than requiring you to type it into the search box of your web browser.

15. Your Personal Translator

Google Assistant knows nearly every national and international language, including Mandarin, Hindi, French, and Japanese. It will come in handy whenever you need to translate a sentence from a foreign language into another.

16. Get News From Around The World

People today are too preoccupied with their jobs. They hardly have time to read the latest news. You can ask your Google Assistant to include news in your daily morning run-down. Or you can ask it to send customized news to you throughout the day. 

17. Toggle Basic Settings By Voice Commands

You can use voice commands to control some tasks, such as switching to silent mode, activating or deactivating Bluetooth, setting an alarm, creating reminders, etc. Give your assistant permission, then make whatever changes you want using voice commands the next time.

18. Use It As a Quick Dictionary

If you want to learn the meaning of a particular word, don’t open the dictionary app or go online to search. Just ask your Google Assistant to tell you what the word means. It will give you complete information on a word.

19. Getting Bored, Ask Google Assistant to Quiz You

You can challenge Google Assistant to a quiz whenever you want if you think you are smart enough to do so.

20. Play Games with Google Assistant

You can even play games with your Google Assistant. You don’t have to download anything to make it happen. Just say “Hey Google, I’m bored”. The assistant offers amusing jokes, interesting facts, and games like riddles, puzzles, and crystal balls.

Tell it that you want to play a game and it will give you a list of games you can choose from. 


This concludes our list of the top 20 cool Google Assistant tricks. Enjoy it, use your Google Assistant to make your life easier, and complete tasks with ease.

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