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Corporate Team Building Ideas to Try

Managing a corporate team can be a daunting task, and the bigger the team, the more challenges you’ll face along the way.

Not to mention, modern managers in this post-COVID era are also faced with the task of managing remote workers, which also pose their own unique challenges.

To answer these challenges, strategically designed corporate team-building activities can significantly help in encouraging better collaboration, building better teamwork, and reinforcing trust.

Here, we will discuss some of the best corporate team-building ideas you can try, both virtual and in-person.

Without further ado, let us begin with the first one.

Virtual Team Building Activities To Try

1. Virtual Escape Room

A great game to organize in a virtual environment that is both challenging and engaging, making it a great team-building activity for your remote workers. 

A great thing about escape room games is their versatility. You can choose exciting themes each time like a prison break, zombie apocalypse, Poltergeist-themed room, and so on.

In a virtual escape room game, you can be creative and design your escape room riddles on your own. For example by involving generic items that most participants will have in their own room, or using online-based riddles. 

Yet, there are also platforms like The Escape Game’s Remote Adventures that will help you arrange a virtual escape room game for up to 8 players via Zoom. 

Effective for encouraging teamwork and to help your remote team members learn about each other’s personalities.

2. Virtual House Tour

Another great activity you can use especially for smaller teams where the team members have known each other.

This activity is very simple and would require very little planning on your own: simply ask your team member to host a virtual house tour. Make it as easy as possible for them and give them enough time to prepare. For example, you can allow them to pre-record short videos showing off different rooms of their home and probably their family members.

As you might have guessed, the purpose of this event is to help your team members know each other better, which in turn can encourage better teamwork and collaboration.

3. Remote Scavenger Hunt

A type of game that should be familiar for most of us, but how can we host it virtually? 

A great approach is to use universal items that can be applied to all participants, for example: 

  • Find 10 items in your house that are more than 5 years old
  • Find one item that can help in a zombie apocalypse, and why
  • Find an item that represents yourself the most

However, there are also online platforms and apps that can help you organize virtual scavenger hunt games easily. Scavify, for example, can easily let you organize a virtual scavenger hunt game tailored for corporate team building.

4. Virtual 20 Questions Game

Another virtual version of a classic game most of us are familiar with. 

Here, we ask a participant to choose one thing and share the category of the thing with the other participants. For example, if the chosen thing is a tiger, then the category is “animals”. 

The other participants will then ask 20 yes/no questions to try to guess what the thing is. 

It’s simple to organize and is very effective in helping different participants learn each other’s personalities.

In-Person Team Building Activities To Try

1. What’s My Name?

Each participant is assigned the name of a famous person (dead or alive) and displays that name on the part of their body that is only visible to other participants (i.e. their forehead or back).

Then, the participants mingle with one another, treating the other participants the way they’d treat the person of whom the participant has been assigned the name. Each participant can also ask questions about their given identity until they can correctly guess who they are. 

Fun, simple, organized, and effective in encouraging people to interact with each other.

2. Board games

Pretty self-explanatory, pick a board game of your choice, then host a competition for this game. 

Depending on the available time, choose a board game with reasonable playtime, and don’t forget to offer prizes for the winners to encourage more engagements.

3. Cook-off contest

Divide the participants into smaller teams (i.e. teams of two), and challenge each team to create new dishes together. You can give each team a food category to help them narrow down their options. 

Effective in encouraging teamwork, while also stimulating creativity and leadership. You can be creative and add twists to the cook-off contest, for example by picking a single mandatory ingredient that all participants must use, or picking a category/theme for all teams (i.e. “Italian food”).

4. 3-question mingle

A very simple activity to organize, and yet can be very effective in encouraging communications and building trust.

Have the participants meet other participants individually, and let them ask three questions to the other participant.

5. Two truths and one lie

A great classic game that is especially effective in smaller teams. 

Organize the participants in a circle, and give each person the time to introduce themselves by saying three things about themselves: two of them are true, and one is a lie. 

The rest of the group should try to guess which statement is a lie.

Wrapping Up

By using the corporate team building ideas we’ve shared above, you are ready to organize engaging team building activities both in virtual or in-person settings.

No matter what kinds of corporate team building activities you are going to do, ideas won’t matter too much without execution. It’s crucial to also plan, organize, and manage the activities well to ensure a high level of participation from your employees, and this is where an event management platform is crucial to help you manage your corporate team building activities: managing the event planning period, track what the participants are doing during the event, and so on.

By strategically using these corporate team building activities, we can maintain a high level of morale for both your on-site team and remote team members.

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