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5 Employee Benefits That Will Make A Difference in Their Productivity

If you’re a hiring manager at your company, no doubt you have a list of things that you need to do to keep your staff happy and productive. But after you’ve made sure that snacks and coffee are available all day, what else can you do? There are some basic employee benefits that you can provide.

If there’s not a comfortable working environment in the workplace, it impacts productivity. To ensure your employees work as efficiently as possible, you need to provide some employee benefits.

Employee Benefits Businesses Should Provide

Here are five employee benefits that will not only make your employees more engaged but also more loyal to their employer

1. Flexible scheduling

Flexible scheduling is a benefit that will allow employees to manage their lives, health, finances, and family.

A flexible scheduling allows an employee to balance their professional and personal needs. This flexibility can be difficult for some employees to achieve a traditional work schedule. Flexible scheduling helps a person maintain relationships with friends and family while balancing work life with personal time. In addition to making it easier for people with children or other responsibilities outside of work hours, flexible scheduling can improve employee morale.

By offering these types of benefits as part of your employee package, you will attract new hires looking for alternative ways of working and improving your overall employee retention. Furthermore, it opens up your employees to opportunities as big as professional development courses and as small as commercial lockers for the company and personal use. 

2. Paying for your employees to go to conferences

Employee benefits can be a great way to attract and retain the best employees. Many companies offer perks like gym memberships, free snacks, and a 401(k) match. But other benefits may need to be considered more obviously.

One benefit that many companies need to offer is reimbursing employees for attending conferences. While this may seem like an expensive benefit for a small business owner or entrepreneur to offer, many benefits make this a worthwhile investment.

Reimbursing employees for attending conferences is one of the most effective ways to ensure they stay up-to-date on industry trends and knowledge in their field. This can significantly impact the company’s bottom line by helping them perform better at work and improve their productivity.

Not only will reimbursements help your employees stay current on industry trends, but they will also give them access to valuable networking opportunities that can help them advance their careers and increase their earning potential over time.

3. Helping them find the right healthcare plan

A healthcare plan is one of the main benefits your employees will want to take advantage of. Therefore, you need to help them find the right one so they can get the most out of their insurance coverage.

How can you do this? First, as an employer, you must ensure that all of your employees are covered under a health insurance plan. You should also make sure that it covers at least some pre-existing conditions and has prescription drug coverage available. As long as these two things are covered in their plan, they can stay healthy and productive even if they have issues with becoming ill or having an accident while on the job site.

4. Offering a job-sharing program

If you have employees who want to work part-time or spend more time with their families, consider offering a job-sharing program. Job sharing is a program where two people share one job. They take turns working for four days each month, then switch off every other week. This works well for both employers and employees because it allows them to build their careers while maintaining flexibility in their schedules.

Job-sharing programs are also beneficial for employers who want to retain good talent by helping them keep up with the changing needs of their workforce. In addition, employees can be happier at work when they have control over how much time they spend there and what they do during that time. Giving employees an option like this will help them feel more satisfied overall while keeping your business running smoothly at all times.

5. Providing tuition reimbursement

The ability to further your education and career, whether by obtaining a degree or taking a course that is relevant to your job, is something that employees value very highly. The ability to attend classes during work hours or after work is ideal for most working adults, but it can be difficult to find time to do this without sacrificing family time.

If you provide tuition reimbursement as an employee benefit, you are making it possible for your employees to attend school and get a degree or take additional courses without worrying about how they will pay for it. This allows them to focus on their studies instead of worrying about how they will pay for the courses themselves or find time outside of work hours when they need to be available for their families or other commitments.


If you’re still unsure which benefits to offer your employees, it’s time to start thinking about what they need. If you feel like all this is overburdening, then you can use employee scheduling software to make things easier. It might sound like a lot of work, but trust us—you won’t regret it!

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