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Checklist Before You Hire a Mobile App Developer for Your Dream Project

While it is rightly said that “there is no shortcut to success”, if you search for the smartest way to become a part of the Unicorn club in the least possible time, then the answer will always be a unique and relatable Mobile Application created for the cosmopolitans. If you track all the recent million-dollar ideas (even the billion-dollar ones) from the last decade, most of them were Mobile Applications right from Uber to TikTok to Pokemon Go to PUBG. 

Mobile App ideas are the actual virtual land of opportunities and that is no secret in today’s world. For instance, the worldwide mobile app revenues in 2019 were $462 Billion and you would only need a fraction of that revenue to make a fortune for yourself. (Source) But, as I have mentioned earlier, to make your Mobile App a success it is essential that your app idea is unique and relatable. While the uniqueness of your app will depend upon the research and market gap that you identify, the second factor is totally dependent upon how much you understand your audience and use that knowledge in formulating the User Experience strategy of your Mobile Application.

Even if you get an amazing Mobile App idea and you have done in-depth research on Users to define the User Experience of the application, it is just the beginning of the journey. There is a saying that an idea is only as good as its execution and that makes perfect sense in the Mobile App Development Business. For you to build a successful Mobile Application, you need to hire mobile app developers that can convert your idea into a feasible and profitable Mobile Application. While the ideation is tough, the execution of a mobile app is a different ball game altogether and that too requires thorough pre-planning. 

So, once you conceive an amazing idea, here is the checklist that you need to tick for hiring suitable Mobile App Developers for your Dream Project:

Checklist to hire Mobile App Developers for your Mobile App Development Project: 

1 . Hire an Agency:

While the uncertainty of success calls for cost-effective measures due to high risk in Mobile App Development, it is also essential that you take calculated risks for a better chance at success. Thus, it is advisable that instead of creating complete dependency on one person, it is essential that you hire an agency for Mobile App development.

This is essential as the Agency will deploy multiple resources for your project and you can also protect your App idea better as you can get into a legal contract and sign NDA and other such agreements with a registered agency. Apart from that, when you work with freelancers or an in-house team their inefficiency is your loss. But when you hire a Mobile App Development Agency, they take equal accountability and ownership in the project.

2. Budget Planning

To break the bubble, the development of the Mobile App is not the only expense to be considered. Most of the successful mobile applications undergo continuous development because of maintenance and updates required to keep the app relevant to the audience and thus, it is essential that you plan your budget accordingly. 

Get a complete cost estimate from your Mobile App development company for all the aspects such as Development, Deployment, Maintenance, Updates, Support, and other such aspects before you commence your project. This will help you in making better financial plans and ensure that you don’t have to face any problems in completing your dream project. 

3. Opt for Scalable Technology:

One of the biggest decisions that you need to make is to choose Mobile App Development Technology. While in the initial phase the Mobile Application is the cornerstone of your project, in the future there are many different devices and smart objects in which your application can be embedded so that Users can make optimum utilization of the App.

Thus, when you plan your Mobile App development, it is essential that you keep a holistic vision and choose a mobile app development technology that can be scaled as per the market requirements and customer expectations. Also, it is advisable that instead of making this decision alone, it is essential that you consult a Technical Expert to make this decision.

4. Domain Experience:

Delightful user experience and native experiences are the two biggest factors that determine the success of any Mobile Application. To ensure that your Mobile Application exhibits both these factors, you must hire mobile app developers who have wide market exposure and past domain experience. When you hire experienced Mobile App developers, they not only have a better understanding of the user expectations from the Mobile Application, they also have a fair idea of all the challenges that they might face during the development of the Mobile App.

5. Communication Process

Before you hire a Mobile App development service provider, it is essential that you ask what are the measures that they will take to keep you in the loop for transparent communication and you must also try to understand how good their data protection protocols and infrastructure are to ensure that your app data and your app idea are secure.

6. Define Timeline:

Whether you go forward with a fixed-cost project or a dynamic per hour rate project, it is essential that you define a timeline of your Mobile App development project right from ideation to deployment. When you have a defined timeline, you can plan the cost, go-to-market strategy, app marketing, product positioning, and other such aspects accordingly.

7. Post-development Support:

There is a reason Mobile App development companies formulate a definite Scope Document and get it approved from their Clients before they initiate the project. As a client, it is your responsibility and you take it seriously as the cost of the Mobile App is determined on the Scope Document. Apart from that, you must also inquire how much deviance from the scope document will be covered by the Mobile App development company and you must also fix the cost of additional development requirements. When you get this clarity beforehand, it will help you to understand the total cost of development and you can also plan for contingencies when there is the need for scope development.

On a parting note, Gartner conducted a survey in 2018 and found that only 0.001% of mobile apps were commercially successful in the year 2018. And the app failure break-up showed that 19% of apps failed because of weak Product Core. (Source) Thus, if you wish to convert your app idea into a successful and profitable mobile app, it is essential that you follow this checklist and hire an ideal mobile app development partner for your dream project and take a calculated risk instead of taking a blind leap of faith.

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