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How can an MBA in Germany help Accelerate Your Career?

Germany, the land of luxury cars, rich decadent chocolate cake and the Oktober fest, is also known for its excellent academic standards. German universities and colleges offer a wide range of courses catering to different fields including business and management.

A study published in Studying-in-Germany.org reported that each year, approximately 50,000 students from across the world flock to German universities. The same report stated that there were around 4,00,000 students studying and working in the country in 2019.

If you are interested in pursuing a business career, an MBA in Germany can help you establish the right foundation for your career. You can find plenty of great business schools in Germany catering to different MBA specialisations from IT management to healthcare.

Keep reading to discover the numerous ways in which pursuing an MBA in this country can enhance your future career.

What are the prime advantages of doing an MBA in Germany?

The primary factor behind Germany being a good business education centre includes its plethora of business hubs like Frankfurt and Berlin. Here are some other reasons behind the growing popularity of Germany for business degrees like an MBA.

  1. Your tuition fees can be affordable compared to other European countries: German universities and business schools are renowned for charging some of the lowest tuition fees across the continent. Thus, attending business school in Germany won’t end up bankrupting you.
  2. The academic staff employed by German business schools are intensely qualified with years of industry experience: The German higher education system is famous for maintaining excellent standards. Almost all German business schools hire qualified instructors for MBA programmes who have years of experience in different industries.
  3. You can pursue your MBA in English: It’s a common myth that you need to be proficient in the German language to pursue an MBA in Germany. On the contrary, many German business schools offer English as the medium of instruction for their MBA courses.
  4. The curricula focus on innovation and industry exposure: MBA curricula in Germany are often revised to update them as per new research and innovation in the business world. Thus, the skills you learn from a German MBA can help you be relevant in a constantly-changing domain.
  5. You can get an opportunity to learn a new language: The German language is the most widely spoken and used language in Germany. Studying MBA in the country can give you an opportunity to test your hands in a new language and culture.

Additionally, you can make Germany your base to visit and explore other countries within the EU such as Ireland and France. It can be fairly simple to fulfil your dreams of a European holiday as an international student in Germany.

If and when you start searching for good business schools in the country, take a hard look at their academic accreditations. A good tip would be to enrol in a school that is AMBA-accredited and has different industry partnerships.

Start your search for appropriate business schools in Germany today to become a successful business professional in the future.

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