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How Market Research Transcription Is Significant for Businesses?

Market research transcription is something that is often overlooked, yet is becoming hugely popular with businesses who want real, tangible results from the absolute sea of responses they receive during their market research campaigns. It’s easy to forget why this would be an important addition to the market research mix, but here are just a few reasons why.

It converts raw data to something meaningful

Previously, it would take an army of people to sift through market research data to identify trends or to prove or disprove a point. The other alternative was to use raw data and present it numerically. Now, a decent marketing transcription service will consist of a person or a team sitting down and actually changing that raw data into something readable, something communicable, and, more importantly, more impactful. It’s no longer a case of ‘numbers or bar charts’. You can have a full transcription of your results.

It’s cheaper than you may think

Part of the reason that a marketing transcription service was never really utilized in the past was because of the time and effort needed to effectively and accurately transcribe results onto paper. It literally took someone with a pen to write down the results or to punch it in using slow, inefficient technology. Transcription has now advanced so far that it is perfectly possible to get excellent quality, quick and insightful data for less than you would be expecting to pay. A company like Go Transcript is able to provide dedicated, knowledgeable, and skilled staff who can effortlessly produce prompt and accurate transcriptions of even the most long-winded, laborious amounts of raw or numerical data.

It gives a degree of accuracy and meaning to your results

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a report that is nothing but facts, figures, and charts, you will know yourself how much of an eye-rolling, boring job it can be to sift through it. And most of the time, the sad part is that despite it being laid out in clear numerical form, people still don’t understand what it means. By having market research work transcribed, your target audience is able to actually get to the real ‘meat on the bones of what respondents were saying; clear trends and elaborate, descriptive answers are possible instead of looking at a pie chart and wondering what any of it meant

It has a global, worldwide advantage to it

Transcription does not have to be presented in the original language. Global teams of multilingual transcribers are now able to take raw data, whether it be interviews or focus groups, and translate that data with 100% accuracy into pretty much any language. This means companies can now run truly global projects at a fraction of their original costs. No more sending employees halfway across the world to carry out market research; a local team can now do it, channel it through a transcription service and have it on your computer screen, in your own language, within a matter of days.

It’s quicker!

Presenting transcriptions as they were dictated is now a much quicker process than it ever was, but it’s not just that part of the mix that has sped up. This now means specific respondents can be honed in on, for secondary interviewing for example, or to elaborate or revisit specific answers. Instead of collating all responses and turning them into numerical, trend-based data, any company can now simply copy and paste the specifics of their market research campaign within seconds and have data that is more digestible and easy to understand than it ever was.

In summary, times have changed; we never transcribed data en masse before because, for all manner of time and financial reasons, we simply couldn’t. That’s no longer the case. Without cutting too far into our bottom line, we can now present data as it was intended, to multiple audiences and through a multitude of written and audible formats in less time than it has ever taken previously. Clients can then receive more meaningful results and immediately get to work on actioning them.

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