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How To Check iPhone For Virus Or Malware?

There are many people who are using iPhones just because of the security features. Apple provides multiple security measures to protect their customers from malware, virus, and other threats. 

Malware can penetrate your iPhone security shield and get into your device. Therefore, malware can raise security threats and they also can prevent you from managing your device. Malware can attack your sensitive information and steal your personal data, such as photos, files, etc.

Once your device is infected, your iPhone will present many troubles and not work properly. Therefore, I will present here a guide on how to check iPhone for virus or malware with an easy explanation.

How To Check iPhone For Virus Or Malware?

Malware detection is crucial if you wish to protect your data from hackers. Here are some points that can show you how to check for viruses on iPhone.

  1. Look For Unfamiliar Apps

If your iPhone contains any apps that you don’t remember downloading, then it may be the root cause of your malware issues. 

The best way to uncover these apps that may go undetected is using settings. Go to Settings on your iPhone, and go through the list of the apps. These apps may be installed without your permission, and may be compromising the security of your device. 

Hackers can use these apps to steal your data, and gain access to your personal information. 

  1. Check If Your Device Is Jailbroken

The presence of the Cydia app shows that your device has been jailbroken. The Cydia app is only available on jailbroken iOS devices. The problem of jailbreaking is starting when you have done many of the customizations on your device.

  1. Verify if you Have Huge Data Bills

If your iPhone has malware, then your device will use more internet than normal. This thing increases your data bills. You can check your daily data consumption on your iPhone using the steps below:

  • First, go to “Settings”.
  • Then click on the “Mobile Network” button.
  • Thereafter click on “Mobile Data”.

You also can use the facilities of your network provider to know about your data consumption.

  1. Pay Attention to Your Storage

Another way to check malware on your iPhone is to look at your storage space. If your storage is less than you expect, then chances are some hidden files may be taking over the storage. 

You can reach your storage space through the below procedure:

  • First, open your settings on your device. 
  • Thereafter click on iPhone storage to see the position of your mobile storage.

How To Clear Out Viruses or Malware From Your iPhone?

After you know that your device has malware, there are some simple and easy ways to clear the device. 

  1. Restart Your iPhone 

In some cases restarting the iPhone can clear out malware but it depends on your device’s capabilities and features. To restart, turn off your iPhone and start it again.. After that, chances are most malware and viruses may be deleted.

If your phone is not working after restarting then you should restore the factory settings. This process will delete your data. Before trying this process you must take backups of your intended files and photos.

  1. Delete Unusual Apps 

If you see apps that are not downloaded by you, then you delete these applications. It should help to clear out viruses from your iPhone. You can delete these unusual applications just like other applications. This thing will also improve your device productivity and working ability.

  1. Clear Your History 

Browsing the web is how you catch malware most of the time. So it makes you remove browser data to get rid of browser data. You can clear your history through the Safari browser. To clear history you must follow the below steps:

  • First Click on Settings then tap on Safari.
  • Thereafter click on “Clear History and Website Data”.
  1. Use Security Software

If your iPhone contains antivirus software then it will be able to detect and delete any virus or malware on your phone. When you do not have any security suite, you’ll be unable to detect the harmful element. You can download any of the security tools to scan and remove viruses.

  1. Replace Your iPhone 

If you have tried all your options to delete malware from your iPhone and you haven’t found anything good. Then the solution may be expensive. If your device stops working completely, then you can replace it in Apple stores. 

So, now you know how to check for malware on iPhone easily to protect your personal space.

Conclusion: Checking iPhone for Viruses

Today we are living in a technologically advanced world. Technological advancement is working to improve the capabilities of mankind. But it is also giving scope to evil-minded people to cause harm. It is vital for you to take all the safety measures to protect yourself from different types of threats.

iPhone devices are popular in the world because of their unique safety measures. Therefore people are buying these devices. But technological advancement in computing devices is increasing the threats of viruses, malware, and other malicious tools. 

Sometimes they can break the security shield of iPhone devices. Therefore it is mandatory to know how to check iPhone for virus or malware to protect your sensitive information. 

Malware and viruses have hunted many iPhone users and they are regularly working on it. If you want to minimize the threat of malware then you must know how to check for malware on iPhone.

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