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Top Managed WordPress Hosting Services – Complete Comparison

Want someone to manage your WordPress hosting? Lucky for you, there are tons of Managed WordPress hosting services you can choose from. 

If you’re running a huge website with tons of traffic, getting a managed WordPress Hosting provider may help you out. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to find the best managed WordPress Hosting service provider. 

In this guide, we’ll be covering the best managed WordPress hosting services, and how to choose them. 

What is a Managed WordPress Hosting Service?

Managed WordPress Hosting does exactly what the name suggests. It “manages” all the technical points of your WordPress website. This includes ensuring website speed, regular backups and updates, website uptime, and much more. 

If you choose the best managed WordPress hosting service, then you would be free to focus on other tasks. 

Pros and Cons of Choosing WordPress Managed Hosting

Its not always good to choose managed WordPress hosting service for your website. There are some drawbacks that people often end up forgetting. Managed WordPress hosting isn’t suitable for everyone. So, here are all the pros and cons. 

Managed WordPress Hosting Pros:

  • Fast website speed and almost no downtimes.
  • Regular backups and maintained security. 
  • Expert troubleshooting support all the time. 
  • Automatic updates
  • Daily backups to keep your data safe in case of an error. 

Managed WordPress Hosting Cons:

  • It can be costly to get managed WordPress hosting service for your website. 
  • You have limited control over your website’s technical aspects.
  • You can only host WordPress sites on a WordPress host. So, your choice in apps on your website is super limited. 

How to Choose the Best Managed WordPress Host?

As mentioned above, it’s not easy to find a managed WordPress host. So, there are some basic things that you should look for in your service provider. 

  • Will the hosting provider offer you the speed, reliability, and security you desire?
  • Does the provider offer you daily/regular backups?
  • Do they offer free SSL and CDN services?
  • Does the hosting provider offer great customer support?

If you find a satisfactory answer to all these questions, then you should undoubtedly move on with the service provider. 

Best WordPress Managed Hosting Provider Comparison

Now let’s finally dive into our list of the best WordPress Managed hosting providers. 

1. Bluehost

Bluehost is one of WordPress’s official partners. Even WordPress recommends Bluehost as one of the best WordPress hosting providers. Bluehost has a range of services for the users including:

If you already have WordPress hosting, then Bluehost offers you free site migration. It also offers free SSL encryption, daily backups, and malware detection and removal. 

Bluehost is famous for the speeds it offers. The best server was London, and the worst one was Sydney. This data is provided by Bitcacha. 

Features of Bluehost:

  • 20+ GB storage space
  • Free SSL encryption
  • Malware detection and removal 
  • Jetpack site analysis
  • PayPal integration
  • SEO tools
  • Site preview

2. SiteGround

SiteGround is one of the most used WordPress managed hosting service provider. Around 2.8 million domains use SiteGround in the world currently. SiteGround offers shared, managed, and dedicated hosting similar to Bluehost. 

SiteGround makes sure that your website remains secure and runs fast. There’s also a single-click staging option. You can get additional features such as automatic updates, SSL encryption, Cloudflare CDN, and more. 

SiteGround’s best servers were the US and Canada. It makes sense as the company is based out of Eastern USA. 

SiteGround Features:

  • Free site migration
  • 10+ GB space
  • eCommerce ready
  • Collaboration tools
  • High-performing security

3. WP Engine

When it comes to WordPress Managed hosting service, WP Engine is a great option. It’s fast, it’s secure, and it’s super easy to use. That’s why it ranks in 3rd position on our list.

WP Engine offers daily backups, SSL encryption, state-of-the-art security, and so much more. 

What’s best about WP Engine is the Genesis Framework and 35+ StudioPress themes. These are perfect if you want to build a huge eCommerce brand out of your website. 

When it comes to speed, WP Engine is no slouch. On average, you’ll experience a 40% increase ins peed. WP Engine is one of the fastest providers on our list. 

WP Engine Features:

  • Offers development, staging, and production environments
  • Instant store search
  • Real-time, page-level reporting, and analytics
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Geographical targeting

4. DreamPress

DreamPress is owned by the web hosting leader DreamHost. And, it is making a lot of noise in the industry with its WordPress managed to host services. 

You get a 1-click WordPress installation, automatic updates, a custom dashboard, and SSDs.

In terms of speed, the fastest location is the western US because that’s where the company is located. 

DreamPress Features:

  • 30+ GB storage space
  • SSL certificate
  • Daily backups
  • Automated migrations
  • CDN

5. Nexcess

Nexcess is a name you may not have heard.  It’s part of Liquid Web. Nexcess offers WordPress managed hosting service and it’s famous for lightning-fast service. The incredible customer support makes them one of the best providers. Their hosting service is known to provide the best page loading times. 

They also make sure that you’re offered the best possible WordPress security. Moreover, they have even started offering WooCommerce-managed hosting services. 

This WordPress hosting provider has an image optimization plugin and more SEO plugins, a staging site, and a customized dashboard. 

As for the speed, the Western US offers the best speeds. Eastern US comes in second place in terms of speed. 

Nexcess Features:

  • Automatic WordPress updates
  • Image compression features
  • Tools to compare site performance before and after you add a plugin
  • Malware monitoring
  • SSL encryption

6. HostGator – Benefit Rich Best Website Builder

HostGator is incredibly famous. It has an easy-to-understand dashboard that helps you manage your website. It also contains a cPanel to manage your email, domains, and so much more. 

You can choose HostGator without worrying about anything as you can get your money up to 45 days after you sign up.

HostGator offers balanced speeds. Some servers offer great speeds, while some offer average speeds. Only Mumbai is the one we consider slow. 

HostGator Features:

  • Free migration services and free domain.
  • Automated daily database backups with file-level restore.
  • SSL Encryption
  • $150 Google Ads credit (matched to your contribution)

FAQs About Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Do I need WordPress hosting to start my website?

    No, you don’t need a managed WordPress hosting plan to start your website. If you’re just beginning, there are tons of options for you to check out. Shared hosting is the best option if you’re just beginning.

  • What is the cost of managed WordPress hosting?

    The cost of WordPress managed hosting depends on the company you choose and the plan you choose. Pick 2-3 providers, and compare the prices. 

  • What if I have a domain and I need WordPress managed hosting?

    You can use your domain with any hosting company. All you need to do is change your domain’s settings and change the DNS to your new host. 

  • Is it possible to change my managed WordPress Host?

    Yes. It is completely possible to switch to another managed WordPress host. Most companies even offer migration services to make the switch easier. 

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