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How to Choose the Right Instagram Growth Service

If you’re using Instagram for your business, you’ve probably realized that doing your growth and engagement manually won’t get you anywhere. Achieving substantial growth requires lots of time on a daily basis, and your Instagram account is just one aspect of your business. Finding the right Instagram growth service that can help you effectively grow your IG account and save you time for you to focus on other tasks.

The problem is that the market is flooded with Instagram growth tools and it can be really difficult to find an agency that actually has your best interests at heart. Many growth tools like Social Meep use automation and AI to provide fast results. However, because of these tools, many users found their accounts banned shortly after signing up. This is definitely not something you want, right?

Luckily, we have a few tips that will help you make the right decision to grow your Instagram account safely and organically.

1. Find a Service That Gets You Real Followers

One of the most important things to check is whether the growth service will deliver real followers. You don’t want bots and ghost followers that simply inflate the number, and then fall off over time. Even if you get 10k followers in a short period of time, you won’t see any improvements if they’re all fake. On the contrary, if the platform notices that you’re being followed by hundreds of fake accounts, your profile might also be flagged as fake.

However, even if an agency promises real and right Instagram followers, you still have to ensure that they will actually deliver that. Check out the company’s terms of service to see what exactly they offer. In some cases, the company will explicitly state that it can’t guarantee real followers. Avoid services that guarantee a specific number of followers, and be sure to avoid those that require you to buy followers.

2. Ask What Methods They Use

Your goal should be to work with a growth service that will grow your account organically. Companies that guarantee organic growth use natural methods of interaction and engagement to attract the right followers to your IG account.

One such example is the liking method, where the growth agency will like other users’ content on your behalf so that they visit your profile and check your own content. They might also follow other profiles within your industry so that they follow you back, or implement an automatic DM or comment method. All of these methods can be effective as long as the service sticks to the platform’s daily action limits (Instagram allows a maximum of 1000 likes, 180 to 200 comments, and 200 follows/unfollows a day). If they don’t adhere to these rules, the actions can appear spammy and you can get banned by Instagram.

3. Determine Their Targeting Options

The next step is to determine how the Instagram service chooses which users to target. If they don’t target users who would be genuinely interested in your offering, you are not going to see much true growth.

Engaging with people who don’t belong to your target audience simply doesn’t make sense. They are not going to interact with your brand or become customers (which is, of course, the ultimate objective). A good Instagram growth service uses hashtags, locations, and accounts to find your target audience.

4. Check Out Their Customer Support and Online Reviews

Customer support is one of the most important factors you should check before choosing the right Instagram growth tool. After all, you don’t want to work with a company whose representatives can’t be reached or are unwilling to help with your issues. Choosing an agency with quality customer support will save you plenty of time down the road.

Ideally, you should look for agencies that offer multiple customer support channels, including live chat, FAQ Help Center, human customer support team that can be reached via phone/email, and support videos/articles.

Finally, be sure to check the company’s overall online reputation. Sites like Trustpilot can help you find information on Instagram growth services and see what kind of experiences other people have had.

Final Thoughts

Using the right Instagram growth service is the fastest and most effective way to get more followers and boost engagement. But while there are lots of tools and agencies that promise to deliver outstanding results, you will need to be careful as not all of them are what they claim to be.

The tips listed here will help you find a good Instagram growth service that will deliver more real followers through organic methods and will keep your account growing for a long time to come.

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