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How To Delete PayPal Account Permanently?

Paypal is an application that provides fast online payment facilities to its users. Through it, we can send and receive money online easily. To set up and use your Paypal account you must link your Paypal account with your debit or credit card.

A PayPal account also provides an overdraft facility. It provides a minimum credit line of about $250 to those users who have a credit score of above 700 or more. Paypal is a giant in the financial industry. It has collaborated with several banks to provide global users with safe and secure money transfer facilities. 

Paypal provides many facilities free of cost and it also offers almost instant transactions. But there are many reasons which are pushing users’ to turn off Paypal accounts, which are given below:

  1. An alternative to Paypal with good facilities, such as Venmo or Wise.
  2. Tired of paying hefty transaction fees. 
  3. After the work is done, a user may want to delete their PayPal account.
  4. They want to sign with another email ID, Bank Account, or Credit card.

Unfortunately, more than half of all PayPal users don’t know how to delete PayPal account. The steps are simple, and everyone should know how to delete a PayPal Account. 

What To Know Before Taking Action?

Before you learn how to delete PayPal Account, you need to know all the important information. Here’s everything you should know before you know how to delete a PayPal Account:

  • Once you delete your account from Paypal, it will delete all the data of your transactions. But you must mind the fact this data will never be retrieved whenever you sign in to your PayPal account next time. Therefore you must take screenshots of your essential data.
  • Before deleting you must withdraw or use or transfer the remaining money.
  • If you have taken credit from PayPal Credit you can not delete the account. First, you pay the borrowed amount and try to delete it.
  • When you are facing any issue regarding the removal of an account then you can take the help of their customer care services.

How To Delete PayPal Account With Easy Steps?

If you are a computer user you can follow these steps to solve how to delete PayPal account:

  • Sign in to your PayPal account and tap on the “Gear Icon” at the top right corner of your device screen.
  • Click on the “Account” button.
  • Thereafter tap on the “ Close Your Account” in the “Account Options”.
  • Then your screen will present a warning pop-up. 
  • If you are ready to delete your account, tap on the “Close Account” option.

If you are worried about how to delete PayPal account on mobile you should read and follow the next segment of this blog.

How To Delete PayPal Account On Mobile With Easy Steps?

  • First tap on your profile icon which is situated on the top right corner of your screen. 
  • Scroll it down and then click on “Close Account”.
  • Your screen shows a warning pop-up. Where click on “Close Account”. 
  • Then your PayPal will delete.

This is an overview of how to delete PayPal account with the required details. I hope I have covered all that you are looking for.

Conclusion: How To Delete PayPal Account?

There are many people who want to delete their PayPal account because of many reasons, which are given below:

  • They have found a good and affordable substitute for PayPal.
  • They are not happy with PayPal fees.
  • They want to open a new PayPal account with new or revised details.
  • After shutting down the business of any business owner, he must delete the business account of his business.

You must remember that the process of deleting is the same for normal accounts and business accounts.

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