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How to Get More Google Reviews

If you want to increase your online presence as well as want to build brand value, you should try to get more Google reviews from customers. Positive Google reviews also help you to increase your website’s ranking on Google. More positive reviews lead to higher rankings on Google.

Do you know how to get more Google reviews? If not, then you should go through this comprehensive guide. In this guide, you will read about the best 14 tips on how to get more Google reviews.

Best 14 Tips to Get More Google Reviews 

Most people don’t know it, but Google considers Google reviews as a ranking factor, thus it is very important to get more Google reviews from customers. The best 14 tips to get more Google reviews are given below:

1. Ask Your Customers and Relatives to Leave a Review

If you want to increase your website’s ranking then you should ask your customers to leave a Google review for your business. You can also ask your family members and relatives to leave Google reviews on your website. 

2. Use a Free Marketing Kit 

Google Business Profiles provides a free Google Marketing Kit that enables users to get more Google reviews. Google Marketing Kit contains printable posters, flyers as well as cards with a quick response code (QR code). 

You can easily attach a QR code to your email newsletter, website, and social media profiles as well. You can tell happy customers to scan the QR code and leave a review for your brand. 

3. Use QR Codes

If you want to increase your Google reviews from customers, then you can use QR codes. When customers scan the QR code from their mobile phones, they will automatically reach your website’s review page.

You can link your Google review QR codes on your website, digital receipts as well as social media profiles. In addition, you can easily attach these QR codes on your postcard, brochures, and posters as well.

VistaPrint provides you with free QR codes that you can easily link with your Google review forms.

4. Send Thank You Notes 

To improve customer loyalty, You should send thank you notes after every purchase to your customers. In addition, you should always mention the line “Please leave a review” on your thank you note. 

Asking for a review on a thank you note is an attractive way to get reviews from happy customers.

5. Mention For a Review on Receipts

You can mention a request for a review of your online-offline receipts and invoices. In the next line, you should provide a direct link to your website’s review page. In addition, you can also attach QR codes as well.

6. Use Automatic Transactional Emails to Get More Reviews

Automatic Transactional Emails can help you to get more Google reviews. Transactional emails contain purchasing confirmation, newsletter subscriptions or other transactions, etc. Here, you can easily attach your website reviews link or QR code.

If you want to generate transactional emails automatically, then you can run an email marketing campaign. 

7. Link Your Google Reviews on Social Media

After providing review links on social media, you can easily get feedback from your happy customers. In addition, you can easily encourage new and long-time customers to leave reviews on their experience. 

To motivate your customers, you can also post screenshots of positive reviews from your social media account. Posting screenshots of positive reviews on social media is also an amazing way to get more Google reviews.

8. Respond to Google Reviews Quickly

You can simply schedule an Email marketing campaign to reply to Google reviews quickly. Quick response helps to make a bridge between customers and business. 

As a business, you need to respond to positive and negative reviews. You should send a thank you note if you are responding to a positive review. If you are replying to a negative review, then ask how you can improve the customer’s experience. You should always try to turn negative responses into positive responses.

9. Use Web Site Pop Ups To Ask For Feedback

You can easily use website pop-ups to ask for a Google review after a customer makes a purchase from your online store. Many online stores are using website pop-ups to get more Google reviews.

After the completion of payment, You can simply ask customers about their purchasing experience through a review form.

10. Present Google Reviews On Your Website 

You should always present customers’ reviews on your official website. Adding customer reviews on the website boosts customer loyalty as well as brand awareness. 

Google Review Widget allows businesses to integrate their Google reviews into their website. It contains lots of customizable templates, allowing you to show reviews in an attractive way. 

After completing customization you can easily add your customers’ Google reviews on your website as well as other social media platforms.

Presenting Google reviews on the website is a ranking factor and is considered by Google. So, if you want to increase your website ranking in the Google search result, then you should add your customer’s reviews on your official website.

11. Create a Google Review Instruction Video 

Many people do not know how to leave a review, you can create a Google review instruction video to get more Google reviews for your business. In this tutorial video, you should provide all the steps in a systematic manner.

12. Try to get Google reviews from Vendors 

You can ask your vendors and partners to leave their reviews on a regular basis. If you want to get reviews from the side of Vendors and partners, then first leave a positive review on their websites.

13. Ask for a Review After Providing Customer Support

Many businesses are providing customer support via calling. So, if you want to increase the number of Google reviews, then you should ask your customers to rate their customer support services. 

Your support staff can mention “rate our customer support services” at the end of every call. Asking your customers for rating the customer support services can increase the number of Google reviews.

14. Don’t Try to Get Google Reviews the Wrong Way 

You should not use the wrong practices to get more Google reviews. Many businesses are offering discounts for reviews as well as forcing their employees to leave Google reviews for increasing their review base. At the time of crawling, Google bots will suspend these unethical sites.


Google reviews help business to rank their site at the top of the Google search result, thus businesses are regularly trying to get more Google reviews. Google bots consider Google reviews at the time of the crawling process.

If your business is getting positive Google reviews, then it indicates that your business is providing good products or services to customers. And Google appreciates your performance after giving an increment in rankings.

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