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How to Make Your Headphones More Comfortable?

The headphones investment should be more about comfort than about sound quality.

I love music, said everyone quite frequently.

But what we don’t love about listening to music are a bunch of “discomforting” problems including the unbearable headache that stays on for hours.

However, you may rest your ears by taking a break for 10 minutes after every half an hour to release the steam, if you are lucky. But if you are not lucky enough since using a headphone is part of your profession, my sympathies and my sincere efforts to help you out, are all with you.

Here, I have collected 4 major headphone problems with the quick possible solutions to get away with that pain and discomfort. Happy reading!

1. “My headphones make my ears sweat too much”

Problem: Your ears produce a lot of sweat while wearing the headphones and can get quite discomforting. This can also, in any way, disturb the clarity of sound traveling into your ears.

Solution: This sweat dilemma is directly related to the manufacturing of your headphones. Some headphones are ideally constructed to provide noise isolation that limits the air passing through the ear pads. And then, due to all the routes blocked, the accumulated heat results in the form of sweat. One way to get rid of this condition is to check the material of ear pads. The foam pads are relatively more breathable than velour and faux pads. You can have the current pads, whatever the material, replaced with more soft foam pads of your relevant headphones’ model. This will surely make things work on your part. However, you would have to resign from the old good sound quality after that.

2. “My headphones are too tight”

Problem: If your headphones feel too tight on your head, it means, they are new and you have had quite a little time since using them. For sure, it is due to the clamping force that is supposed to provide the right fit. But it has rather become a tight fit as it is causing you pain on prolonged use.

Solution: So one way to deal with this issue is to stretch or spread the headphones somewhat wider than the current fit. Therefore, the most adopted trick to get this done is to place a few books together in between the headphones. You can measure the width of your head and then place the number of books that make a wider stretch than your head. Keep the headphones in this posture for 24 hours and then check the difference. Pretty hopeful, the clamping force will be reduced by then. If not, you can put the headphones stretched out again at the same posture for 12 hours with the addition of one more book.

3. “My headphones push my frames into my head”

Problem: If you are a glasses person with musical interests, the world can not realize the trouble you go through. This is the thing with over-the-ear and on-ear headphones, they have some bulky ear pads that cover your ears entirely. With this, the frames of your glasses also get covered. If the frames are thick, they are pressured against your head, above your ears, and the discomfort is beyond explanation.

Solution: One easy step you can take towards this problem-solving is to have the thick frames of your glasses switched to the thinner ones. The thin frames do not push too much into your head with the heaviness of ear cups above it. Another makeshift cure is to replace these with new elastic glasses dedicated to using only when you have to wear headphones. In addition, the ease of this particular distress also depends upon the material of the earpad used in your headphones. Because, the foam pads, generally, push inside to make a place for the frames to naturally adjust in that area. But the faux leather and velour pad don’t show such kind of flexibility.

4. “My headphone’s band hurt on the back of my head”

Problem: Well, this problem correlates either with too much tightness or looseness of your headphones. If they are tight, the headband will squeeze too much inside your head. Similarly, if they are loose, they will rest completely on your hand, putting all the weight on the back. Either way, you will end up with a bad headache.

Solution: There’s a quick resolution to this headband crisis in the form of getting a headband foam. You can find a good headband foam, thicker one, online or in an audio accessories shop. When you put on the headband cushions or foams on it, the loose headphones adjust better to your head. On the contrary, with those tight headphones, go back to point no. 2 and apply its solution first and then go for a headband cushion. Otherwise, the tight headphones will get tighter and the headache will stay with you forever.


Now as you have gone through all the major problems with their best solutions described alongside, you must be relieved to get your issue worked out. In case you have made up your mind to replace your current headphones with a new one, we have got you again. Here are the best available and most comfortable headphones you can find in the market. All you have to do is go through this thread, and pick the suited one for yourself. Best of luck!

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