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How to open your own massage parlor or salon?

Previously, massages were only given by medical institutions and they were the right of medical institutions. Today, you can get massage services from almost every other institution. Massages are now connected with the beauty industry, and massages can be found at hairdressing institutions, fitness clubs, beauty salons, massage parlors, and more.

Massage is pleasant, it makes people happy and healthy. The service is in demand not only for medicinal purposes but also for weight loss and relaxation. Salons like service https://armonia.ae/ are seeing an increase in the popularity of the service. Massage helps reduce the risk of joint disease, cope with the consequences of bruises, sprains of muscles and ligaments, and improve skin condition.

Thanks to the regular arrival of customers, the business can pay off quickly enough. However, what about those who do not have large start-up investments, but really want to start their own business?

How to start?

First of all, to open your own massage business at home, you must have a certificate confirming your competencies in this area. Reading plenty of articles and watching YouTube tutorials is not enough to get a pass on the profession and massage. Along with the beauty industry, the education industry is actively developing, so finding suitable courses for massage therapists is not difficult, they are in every city, even in small ones.

After you have received the long-awaited certificate, you can start opening your own massage business. For example, at the initial stage, it is enough to limit yourself to the service of visiting clients at home or in the office. Thus, you’ll win experience and a client base, and in the future, it will be possible to increase the cost of services. However, it should be borne in mind that there’re less people who are ready to let an unfamiliar specialist into their house than those who are ready to come to the house of a massage therapist.

Making minimal repairs

It is necessary to allocate a room in the apartment where you will provide massage services. It should not have computer tables, TVs, old sofas, and other elements of the house, the client should feel that he didn’t come to your house, but to a massage parlor. To do this, it is better to remove old wallpaper with flowers from the walls and replace them with light-neutral ones, for example, drape them with a light fabric or silk. The room should not feel like you are living here after hours.

Costs and payback

The list of necessary acquisitions and expenses at the initial stage includes:

In total, to start a business, you need to purchase equipment and materials in the amount of about $1500. The cost may vary depending on the manufacturer of the material and its quality. Despite the modest budget, we advise you not to buy the cheapest materials, because, as they say, the miser pays twice, and a cheap purchase can quickly become worthless.

There are not many monthly expenses, they only include warming and relaxing creams and oils and the cost of advertising on social networks. On average, every month the master will spend $200-250. One massage session for a novice specialist can bring from $20-50 in 60 minutes. If you serve at least 2 clients daily, the massage business at home will pay off in 3 months. It all depends on the possibilities and ideas, the master can accept both more and fewer clients per day.

Advertising and business development

A business will not bring good income if it is not properly developed. The best advertisement for a massage therapist will be his professional reputation. With a good reputation, word of mouth will work well and lead to a master of new clients.

Tell about yourself on social media and on websites so that the client feels that you are an open book to him and he has increased confidence in your work. Write about yourself simply, clearly, and competently.

One of the most effective methods of promotion is targeted advertising and social networks. Maintain pages regularly, so you can get a constant stream of customers.

In the service industry, working with visitors is an important component of success. To retain customers in a highly competitive environment, you need to be on top. We hope you are!

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