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How to See Deleted Reddit Posts & Comments?

Reddit ranks at the 9th position when it comes to social media platforms in the USA. It has 50 million plus users in the US. Reddit is very popular and it has all kinds of content for users to enjoy. The comment section is the heart and soul of Reddit as users tend to be incredibly creative in the comments.

Sometimes when Reddit thinks that your post violates the guidelines of a subreddit, it may end up removing the content. Before this happens, you’ll receive a deleted notification. Once you receive this notification, Reddit may end up deleting your content. Sometimes, the posts/comments are helpful in nature that are deleted wrongfully.

This blog is for those who want to see deleted Reddit posts and comments etc.

Methods to See Deleted Reddit Posts & Comments

There are multiple ways you can rely on to see deleted Reddit posts. Here’s a step by step breakdown of all these steps:

1. Deleted Reddit Posts And Comments With Removeddit

You can see and access removed Reddit posts and comments with Removeddit. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Visit Reddit.com. In the search box, remove the word “Reddit”. Instead of Reddit, write “Removeddit” and it will take you to the Removeddit website. 
  • After that, it will present moderator removed posts and Reddit users in different colors. It shows moderator-removed posts in red color and Reddit users removed posts in blue.
  • Removeddit also contains a bookmarklet and through it, you can search for your bookmarks. You can use the bookmark section in the future. 
  • When you find the deleted post you wanted to see, you should tap on the bookmark button to save it. After this step, this web automatically loaded the archived version.

Note: Ceddit is a similar tool as Removeddit. Both have the same functionalities and features but you must use Ceddit in the web URL instead of  Removeddit.

2. Find Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments With The “Wayback Machine”

Wayback Machine is trying to preserve the internet so users of today can experience what the web was like in its infancy. Users can even use this website to see deleted Reddit posts.

This website saves a screenshot of each website that is presented online. So, keep in mind that you won’t be able to access real-time data. 

But it provides much data related to your posts and comments.

  • At starting you search for Wayback Machine’s formal website to find Reddit posts and comments.
  • After opening this website it will show you Reddit Archive data and you can search your posts according to the date of posts and time.
  • You must copy and paste the posts which you want to see.
  • This web interface also presents a calendar interface with months and years, through it you can select date and day to check posts and comments.
  • There is an option of “ post and comment” in the Reddit application which is known as the “deleted X days ago” tag. Through this tag, you can find your deleted Reddit post and comments according to dates and times from Wayback Machine.

Note: The benefit of the Wayback machine is that you can find all removed comments and it solves your problem which is how to see deleted Reddit posts.

3. See Deleted Reddit Posts with un-delete Reddit Comments

Un-Delete Reddit comments is a Chrome extension and it provides its users to manage their Reddit posts. It also provides an option to see deleted posts in the future. This platform allows its users to save their comments for futuristic purposes.

When you use this website and save your Reddit comments or Reddit posts then you can access them later on. You can even access these posts later on when they’re deleted. 

  • First, you download it to your device and then turn on the Reddit posts that you want to cache. 
  • Thereafter tap on the extension option. It will show the URL with the cache option. Tap on that option and your page will be cached.
  • After clicking on the extension option you can recover the saved page.

4. Recover Deleted Reddit Posts And Comments By Using Google Cache

This method is only helpful to recover recently deleted Reddit posts. This is all thanks to the Google Cache functionality.

  • First, search for Reddit posts in your Google tab.
  • Then, on the search result page, you must click on a downward-facing arrow which is next to the post’s name.
  • Select the “cached” option from the drop-down list.
  • If the Google bots last visited your post then google will turn you to your deleted Reddit posts.

5. Read Deleted Reddit Posts With The Resavr

Resavr is a very useful tool when you are looking to see deleted Reddit posts. But this tool only saves deleted Reddit posts and comments.

  • At the start, you search for the Resavr official website homepage.
  • You will definitely see an option of searching the post title.
  • There is another option that shows the recently removed posts and comments from the Reddit platform. 
  • This website will also show the character length and the date and time when the post was erased by this platform.

Conclusion: How To Find Deleted Reddit Post

In this blog, you have learned the best way to find deleted Reddit posts easily. There is an alternative way to detect your deleted Reddit posts and comments, therefore you can adopt any website from Removeddit, Wayback Machine, Google Cache and Resavr, etc.
In my opinion, Removeddit is the most popular and suitable way to find deleted Reddit posts. This website also provides huge comments and posts and it is a very popular method to get deleted Reddit posts.

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