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iOS 15: Release Date, Public Beta, and New Features

Apple now confirms the release of iOS 15, Now the public can easily download iOS 15. Just like every update, Apple chooses to make some changes to its interface. Apple teased the users with a first look at the next big operating system. Since its first look in June, the developer beta and a public beta have entered the market. 

New iOS 15 comes with some exciting features, one of which users have been waiting for years. Apple users can now FaceTime with Android users. Another talked-about feature in the upcoming iOS 15 is better Apple Maps with more details and accurate directions. Here’s you can know all about the iOS 15 release. 

iOS 15 Release Date

The new OS first became available to developers for testing and download as the public beta on June 30. Most likely this will happen in September, close enough to the launch of the iPhone 13. 

New Features of iOS 15

There are some key features that are coming to the platform with the latest update, here’s a full list of what’s new in the Apple UI.

1. FaceTime Updates

iOS 15 one of the most significant updates revolves around FaceTime. FaceTime will now offer “spatial audio” that make people’s voices come from different corner of the screen. Let’s say you’re on a conference call with 5 people, and the audio of their voices will come from the side their video is showing. 

FaceTime will also change its visual settings. You can see all the participants in a grid view, users can schedule calls and share links to calls that users from Windows and Android can join. Most of these features are to support the sudden work-from-home environment. 

2. iMessage Sharing

iOS 15 has something new in store for iMessage too. Whenever a friend sends multiple photos using iMessage, the data will appear to the user in a collage formation, which allows the users to tap on a particular photo or watch the whole thing in the photos app. 

If users want to find the photos, later on, they can find the same photos in a folder named “Shared with You.” You can also find the photos mixed in with your featured photos and memories. Not just photos, you can also find news articles, and playlists shared via iMessage in the “Shared with You” folder.

3. Apple Map Updates

Ask any Apple user and Apple Maps will be on their list of things that need a major update. Fortunately, Apple is now trying to compete with Google Maps. In the iOS 15, Apple Maps also gets an update including:

  • Elevation data
  • Road colors
  • Accurate driving directions
  • Rich labels
  • Better 3D landmarks and buildings
  • Much better night mode

If you’re traveling by public transport, you can pin nearby public transit stops and add information to the iPhone and Apple watches. By doing so, the device will give automatic notification when you approach your destination. 

Apple is also trying to enter the AR market and compete with Google. They’ve integrated AR into their maps for Apple maps with on-foot users. You can scan new buildings in the area, with the iPhone’s camera to determine the precise position for more accurate walking directions.

How Can Users Download iOS 15?

If you can’t keep your excitement contained and want to get your hands on the latest update right now, then you can download a public beta. Although, you should know that beta versions are usually full of bugs and it would be better if you don’t download them on your primary device. Still, if you want to be a part of the current iOS 15 wave, you can visit beta.apple.com and get the beta version for testing.

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