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15 Websites to Watch and Download Kdrama for Free 2022

There’s no doubt about it, Kdrama is amazing. They have a certain level of emotion and curtness that other shows lack and this is the reason that Kdramas are being loved by people all over the world. The Korean industry has taken the center stage for a long time, be it K-pop or Kdrama. In the last 2 years, Kdramas have become incredibly popular and teenagers all over the world keep searching for ways to stream or download them. That’s the reason that today we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best websites to stream and download Kdrama for free.

Websites to Stream and Download Kdrama 2022

1. Viki – Download Kdrama Sites

The first website to stream and download Kdrama is viki.com. If you want to stream Kdrama then this is the most popular site available in most countries across the world. The reason it’s loved by people all over the world is that it offers multi-language subtitles. This way anyone can watch Kdramas. 

If you don’t mind ads, then you can stream almost every content on this website for free. 

2. Animetv.to – Stream Kdrama

It’s not just Korean dramas that are loved by all, Korean anime also has a huge fan following. The website animetv.to has a user base of millions from different regions across the world. 

However, this website isn’t just for watching anime, users can also stream Kdrama even on a slow internet connection. The website has a clean interface which makes it easy for users to find and stream whatever they want. 

3. Dramago – Downloading Kdrama

The third option on our list of websites for streaming and downloading Kdrama is Dramago. What makes this website great is its collection of Korean drama. There are millions of drama users can find on this website all thanks to its sleek and easy-to-use UI. Users can sort from trending, latest most popular, and other categories.

The recent updates page is quite good for all those constantly looking for new content to watch. 

4. Kiss Asian – KDRAMA Download Website

This is one of the lesser-known websites on our list, and it is perfect for finding Kdrama based on category. It has categories for everything, ranging from action to Romance Comedy. 

It has one of the best UI out of all the sites out there. Plus, the free downloading feature makes this site one of the best.

5. Amazon Prime Video – Stream and Download Kdrama

The OTT service Amazon Prime Video is a household name in Asian markets. It is easy to stream and download Kdrama on this platform. It has a website, mobile app, and computer app for users to watch their content on. 

While Kdrama on the platform is pretty limited compared to other websites. However, the exclusive list of Korean movies makes it worth having the streaming service. 

6. Drama Cool

If you want to download content and watch it at your leisure, then Drama Cool is one of the best options. All of the Korean serials available on this platform are available in HD quality. 

As for the UI, the website ensures that users get the best possible experience. The best part about this website is that all the content available is free for download. 

7. New Asian TV – Korean drama website

New Asian TV, as the name suggests is also home to Asian & Japanese dramas along with Korean Drama. It is easy for users to find all kinds of Korean drama on the website without having to go through much trouble. 

The UI is simple, easy to navigate, and helps users to explore new content that’s being updated on the website. However, the website isn’t available in most countries and that’s the only downfall of the website.

8. Drama Beans

Drama Beans is quite similar to a couple of websites that we have mentioned above. Beans is loved by millions of users because it hosts a wide range of Korean, Chinese, Asian, and Japanese content.

If you don’t easily trust streaming and downloading websites, then you should know that this is the oldest operating Korean drama streaming website on the internet. 

9. Dramanice

Dramanice is rated by users on top based on its beautiful UI. The pink and white-colored theme of the website is loved by users and it looked way better than any other website out there. This website contains new and old Kdramas that are also available with multi-language subtitles. 

10. MyDramaList

What makes MyDramaList one of the best sites to stream and download Kdrama is that it has an impressive layout and offers other content too. It offers all the content for free and with limited ads that’s the reason millions of users visit the website every day. 

The website is updated regularly and it is the primary reason for this website’s success. It doesn’t have any malicious threats which makes it safe to use for almost everyone. 

11. Viewasian.tv

All the Korean drama fans probably recognize this website as it is incredibly famous among the users. The website is available in almost every country and it is rated as one of the safest Korean drama streaming sites. Regularly updated content and a simple-to-use UI make it one of the best websites to stream and download Kdrama.

12. Netflix 

Just like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix has a certain collection of Kdrama. However, most of the content is based on where you live. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are the only two subscription-based services on our list for streaming and downloading Korean dramas. The pure HD quality and brilliant UI of Netflix make it worth paying for. 

13. AsianCrush

Out of all Kdrama sites, this website is up to standard with Netflix and Hulu. It is the perfect solution for you to stream Kdramas for free. Plus the website offers high-quality content that is available for download for free so you can watch it whenever you want. 

14. WeTV – Korean Drama Series

WeTV is comparatively new when you compare it with other Korean Drama giants. The website offers a wide range of content and new content is updated almost every single day. WeTV allows offers a good collection of Asian dramas and movies as well for the users. Plus the website is owned by the globally played first-person shooter game “PUBG.”

15. VIU

The last but not the least option on our list of websites for streaming Kdrama. Even though the website is just a couple of years old, it has a huge userbase all thanks to the availability of free content and no sign-up policy of the website. 

Final Take: Website to Stream and Download Kdrama

This concludes our list of the best sites for streaming and downloading Kdrama. Go through these websites one by one and choose the one that fits your taste and keep yourself entertained. 

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