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MNS Digital Flip Review (4.6/5)

MNS Digital Flip is an SEO and digital marketing agency with its headquarters in New Delhi, India. They’re one of the most innovative and emerging digital marketing agencies in the world with a diverse clientele under their belt. They’re offering some of the best SEO services that we’ve come across. Plus, they claim themselves to be the market leader in lead generation and B2B Marketing.

Based on our interviews with one of the co-founders of MNS Digital Flip, they told us that they’ve surpassed client expectations both in terms of revenue and marketing expertise. They offer a wide range of services all coming under the single umbrella of digital marketing services.

If you’re in the market for a brand new digital marketing agency, then there’s no harm in giving MNS Digital Flip a ring.

ServicesOur Rating
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)4.8/5
Social Meida Optimization (SMO)4.5/5
Pay Per Click (PPC)3.9/5
Lead Generation4.3/5
Brand Promotion4.5/5
Logo Design4.1/5

While they offer a lot of other services, we decided to rate only some of the top services. Our ratings are based on our personal experience with MNS Digital Flip.

MNS Digital Flip Plans and Pricing

Most SEO agencies have flexible pricing options, and they tend to offer quotes based on the kind of work involved. MNS Digital Flip has some fixed plans but if you want, you can sit down with their team and get flexible quotes. On the fixed plans, you get a specific amount of work and costs a certain amount every month.

The plan spectrum ranges from $200 – $1,500 (excluding custom quotes). On the cheapest plan, you get basic on-page optimization, and specific numbers of keywords they’ll work on. The base plan also includes technical audits, weekly reports, content editing and development, and regular analytics updates.

If you go to higher plans, the list of features becomes exponentially bigger. Let’s say you choose the top-end plan, you’ll get 3 dedicated SEO personnel for your website, and you get complete off-page optimization, brand promotion, social media management, content marketing, and also ORM.

Overview of MNS Digital Flip

Before you call them up directly, there are a few things you should know about working with MNS Digital Flip. As mentioned above, they’re an emerging digital marketing agency and they’ve quickly acquired a good enough clientele. The founders of MNS Digital Flip have been in the industry for over 7 years, and they’ve acquired a skill set that they put to good use.

As per our experience, you’ll come to understand that the founders have incredible knowledge of their industry. When you start working with them, they’ll do a lot of things for you, including:

  • Research
  • Optimize
  • Content creation
  • Keyword management
  • Testing
  • Brand Promotion

Most importantly, the team will work alongside you to understand the needs of your project, and what results you want, and then curate a unique SEO strategy that fits your needs. Plus, if you want you can join their team for a little brainstorming session, they’ll be more than happy to take you along.

MNS Digital Flip Features and Services

Based on all the client reviews, MNS Digital Flip offers some of the most comprehensive SEO services. Some of the best features of MNS Digital Flip are below.

One of the best things that MNS does is offer full website audits with all their plans with detailed reports. The report includes everything that’s wrong with your website, and how much work is needed to fix these issues.

MNS Digital Flip provides a range of SEO-friendly copywriting services at a very affordable price. Moreover, the company will create content around your specific needs, and based on your brand’s language. The end goal is to drive traffic to your website from multiple locations.

MNS Digital Flip needs to be praised for one more thing that’s eCommerce SEO. One of the founders of the organization takes pride in being an eCommerce SEO expert. They can handle all the needs of your products, boost product rankings, and increase sales.

MNS Digital Flip Support and Customer Service

Customer support is important when you’re joining hands with a company, so we had to test MNS Digital Flip’s customer service. As on the high-end plans, you get a dedicated SEO manager, you can ask for refined, a full audit, competitor analysis, transparent reports, and analytics.

Plus, we reached out to some of the clients to see how their experiences have been. 9 out of 10 clients gave them a thumbs up, and the last one gave thumbs down on minor issues.

If you wish to try out MNS Digital Flip’s SEO services, then you can visit their website, or call them.

Final Verdict – MNS Digital Flip

When you consider everything MNS Digital Flip brings on to the table, they’re one of the best agencies in the market. You get a high-quality SEO agency that focuses on customer service and boosting the SEO experience. You get to choose from fixed plans and custom plans if you need the service.

Moreover, MNS Digital Flip provides exceptional customer care, and the dedicated SEO Manager can help you out a lot. While there was 1 negative complaint, we still highly recommend at least talking to them. You may decide it’s not the perfect fit for your needs, but there are high chances that you’ll love their service.

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