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On Page SEO Guide for Increase Sales and Traffic

On-Page SEO Optimization always helps to increase your website visibility in Search Engines. If you want to increase your website page ranking then On-page optimization is very important. Follow On-Page SEO Guide to boost your business in 2021.

On Page SEO Tips to Improve Sales and Traffic

1. Meta Title Tags:

Meta Title is very important for a website and its most important factor for on-page optimization. A good meta title will increase your CTR –Click Through Rate. So meta titles should be related to the keywords and unique for every page.

Meta Title Best Practice:

Meta Title Example: Primary Keywords, Secondary Keywords | Brand Name

Never use duplicate meta titles in your web pages. So as you find quickly replace duplicate Meta Title.

Meta Title tags should be under 65 characters.

2. Meta Description Tags:

Meta descriptions are not the most important for Google Search Engine Ranking. But it’s very important to increase clicks from users. As per SEO best practices need to use complete and eye cache description on which users click more.

Meta Description Best Practice:

Don’t create duplicate Meta Description

Meta Description length should be 150 characters to 160 characters.

3. Quality Content on Targeted Keywords:

Content is also an important factor for On-page SEO optimizations which is helpful for promoting a website. The most important point is Content should be unique and relevant. If your content is duplicate then get penalized by Google.

Best Practice for Create Content:

Content should be unique and relevant to the keywords.

Include internal linking in content.

Keywords density should be between 2% – 3%.

4. Header Tags:

Header Tags are also known as H1 Tag and should be related to keywords. A well-defined header tag represents the content of your page.

Best Practice for Header Tag:

  • Use the keywords in H1 Tag.
  • Use H1 and H2 Tag on-page.
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