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Packing List for a Hiking Trip: Your Essential Guide

There are few things more bracing and refreshing than an autumn hike. Getting out into the natural world, either alone with or with loved ones, is one of life’s great joys. But that joy can quickly turn to despair and discomfort if you’re poorly prepared. Nature can be cruel to the amateur hiker, leaving them sodden and miserable as they trudge back down the hill to the car park, regretting their decision to ever leave the comfort of their couch. In order to get the most out of your hiking trip, here are four items you absolutely have to get right in your packing list.


Hiking is not considered a dangerous pursuit, but there are significant risks involved in walking in changeable terrain. A twisted ankle can put paid to your plans and can even see you need rescuing if you’re far from a road. Meanwhile, hiking in the colder part of the year will involve leaping over some puddle sand squelching across waterlogged paths. A shoe that lets in water will make your entire hike a little less comfortable, so a waterproof boot is essential. Check out the men’s hiking boot range that protects your ankles and your feet from water in order to pack right for your next hike.


Whether you’re setting off on an established forest trail or you’re going on a more adventurous hike across the country, you should always have some method of …0so that you know where you are at all times of your hike. Being far away from civilization is freeing, but it’s also dangerous if you do run into trouble and need to get back to a road or a village. Many hikers use smartphone apps to navigate in today’s world, though you should be aware that the wilderness is unlikely to have a good connection and that a dropped, broken phone is of no use as a navigation tool. A small compass and physical map can also do the job well.


Hiking is surprisingly tiring. You’ll burn more calories on a day-long hike than you would in two hours working out hard in the gym, which means you’re going to want to have enough food and drink on your to regularly refuel. Be careful to eat snacks before you feel extremely hungry, as that hungry feeling means you’re already likely running out of fuel, and you might struggle with the following miles of the trail.

Hiking Clothing

Whether you’re just out for an easy hike or you’re a regular hiker, heading out into changeable terrain and unpredictable weather necessitates a wardrobe that is flexible, durable, and above all, resistant to the weather. A lightweight, waterproof jacket is perfect for hiking, while trousers that can be zipped at the knee to become shorts are also considered useful for hiking. On sunny hikes, finally, a sunhat is vital – sunburn and heat stroke are common issues on the world’s hiking trails.

There you have it: a quick breakdown of the four most essential items you should pack for your next hiking trip.

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