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Podcasting: What You Need + 5 Steps To Get Started

Today content creators have many options like social media posts, blogs, vlogs, slide decks, etc. Nevertheless, podcasts are a great way to present content in an episodic series. It involves conversations from entertainment to the intellectual level. No one is ever late to start a podcast. Your podcast will have its own uniqueness and audience, so don’t worry about starting now. However, how to get started and what you need to know before going ahead with the idea is noteworthy. Here’s the help you need to start and host a podcast.

What You Need

1. A Point of View

To start a podcast, you need a good idea and a sound perception of that idea. Then, name your podcast, plan your episodes and give your audience a reason to listen.  

2. A Soundproof Recording Space

A quiet space to speak is necessary. It is really necessary for a better audio quality of the podcast. The calmness of your voice will draw listeners. 

3. Equipment

Quality recording, editing, and hosting equipment will ensure your podcast stands out from the rest. 

  • Laptop

You will need a laptop to store all your raw recordings and edit them. Preferably a laptop with long hours of battery life and fast, reliable processing speed.  

  • Microphone 

A dependable microphone is the main piece here. A high-grade microphone with adjustable placement and a broadcast arm is preferred. 

  • Recording software

Recording software is all over the market, but you should opt for the one that targets your needs. Melon is an eminent podcast software; it facilitates almost all the features you need for a high-quality podcast. So, start and host a podcast with Melon effortlessly. Moreover, if you don’t have a budget for the equipment, Melon is an excellent option with the built-in camera and recorder of your laptop.

5 Steps to Get Started

Step 1: Naming and Format

Naming your podcast gives it an identity. Ask yourself questions like how long an episode should last, how often you will release episodes, etc. Podcast formats include solo shows, interview shows, or co-host shows. Choose a format and stick to it. Podcasts are all about consistency.

Step 2: Recording Equipment 

Get yourselves good quality recording equipment. If you run out of budget, go for a podcast software like Melon which is affordable and has features like Stereo sound bitrate, Noise cancellation, and High-quality recording.  

Step 3: Recording and Editing Software

Using reliable software to record and edit your podcasts is crucial. Apps like Melon consist of various features to create premium quality podcasts and edit them with banners, themes, multiple options to customize your show, intro, and outro segments.

Step 4:  Podcast Hosting

You need a media hosting service where your audio file can be uploaded and available to audiences. Use Melon because it provides amazing features for you to host your podcast in the best way.

Step 5: Promotion and Monetization

The best Podcast Monetization methods involve:

  1. Sell a product or service
  2. Coach or create courses
  3. Sponsorship 
  4. Sell an e-book
  5. Crowdfunding & Donations
  6. Affiliate income

Podcasts are a new content directive. To initiate the idea of your podcast, you need to have the motivation, hardware, and software knowledge. Name your podcast accordingly and choose a show format. Gear up with all the equipment required. Lastly, have the support of reliable podcast software to edit, record, and host your episode.

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