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Reasons Why Business Communication is Critical to Your Company’s Success

What is Business Communication?

Business communication involves communicating clearly, concisely, precisely, and consistently so as to commune information within the organisation, between organisation and the public at large, and also with external stakeholders. Furthermore, it is also utilized to create as well as enhance the image of an organisation along with its product and/or service internally as well as externally.

Business communication entails not only speaking but also listening and understanding and can be nonverbal, verbal or digital communication. It can cover diverse topics including research, advertising, corporate communications, marketing, consumer behavior, reputation management, public relations, event management, etc.

Business Communication is critical for an organisation’s success:

  • Builds team & enhances morale & boosts loyalty: Effective communication encompasses the smooth flow of information, increased clarity & comprehension & better synergy in workflow, thereby giving employees a feeling of being in sync with the business at the same time allowing a sense of empowerment. This in turn will build employee confidence for they know where they stand and how they fit in the whole scheme of things and the contribution expected from them vis-à-vis business objectives. This will facilitate conflict resolution, encourage pleasant relationships, reduce employee turnover and build loyalty.
  • Enhances Customer Satisfaction & retention: Efficient communication along with smooth information outflow ensures faster and effective complaint resolution, thereby increasing customer satisfaction, retention, and confidence in the brand leading to his loyalty and him becoming your brand evangelist. The inconsistent flow of information between departments and with customers not only shakes his confidence but also drives him to competitors.    
  • Improves Productivity: If the employees are clear about their roles and are aware of what is expected of them, they will be more focused on accomplishing their goals. The work will be better delegated and the teams will also work to their maximum potential, which means less re-work, low wastage of resources, and better productivity, thereby reduced production cost and high profitability.
  • Increased innovation: Organisations that motivate employees to be courageous in communicating their ideas and opinions tend to promote more innovation. Employees will feel empowered and will contribute meaningful proposals and strategies that will assist in the organization’s growth.
  • Improved public impression: Organisations that have a culture of clear and comprehensive communication with both internal, as well as external audience, often displays a strong and positive public impression. This contributes to them attracting enhanced interest not only from talent but also from investors and banks.
  • Facilitate Decision making: The organization’s growth is dependent on taking the right decision at the right moment. The pre-requisite for making a sound decision is an efficient communication system along with the availability of data, reports, and discussions. Furthermore, it is essential that this right decision needs to be communicated and implemented effectively.
  • Sound human and industrial relation: The reason behind any dispute is a communication gap. Effective business communication between labor and management will remove doubt, and promote mutual trust, cooperation and goodwill.
  • Improved relations with stakeholders and vendors

Business Communication Course:

  • The curriculum must ensure that students get a broad perspective of media, cultural studies, and business.
  • The college must equip the students with both theoretical as well as practical skills appropriate to careers like public relations, professional writing, communications, journalism, and advertising.
  • The curriculum will also offer knowledge about Marketing management, Data analytics & Storytelling, Business Environment, Digital marketing, and Ethical Business practices.
  • The college must also assist students in strengthening their life skills like networking, negotiating, communications, etc.

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