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How to Secretly Record the Screen on Mac?

Computer devices are the most important technological creatures in this modern age. Everything these days is dependent on technology such as business firms, government and private organizations, educational institutes, mass media, and even the banking sector. Computer laptops and desktop machines are important for all these organizations and even their workforce is equipped with contemporary computing machines. However, people are also looking forward to tracking all the laptop and desktop machine’s screens to know what sort of activities are happening.

There are groups of people who want to do surveillance on Mac laptops and desktop devices. Now the question comes to mind how it is possible for a person to secretly record the screen on a Mac? We have tested plenty of tools but TheOneSpy is the best one among all on the web.

Who Wants to Secretly Record the Screen on Mac?

When it comes to tracking someone’s computer screen there could be two reasons for that, one is digital parenting and the second one is employee monitoring. Parents are the ones who want to record the Mac screen of children because they want to know about browsing activities, social media activities, and want to protect children from cyber predators. Furthermore, parents can get to know all the activities teens used to perform on the Mac laptop and desktop screen. On the other side, employers want to keep a secret eye on their employee’s Mac computers to see what they are doing during working hours.

Install TheOneSpy Computer Monitoring App

If you want to secretly record the screen of someone’s Mac then you should initially go to the web browser of your PC and connect it with the internet. Now you need to visit the official webpage of the computer monitoring app. Get the subscription and go to the email inbox to collect the credentials that you have received. Furthermore, go through the following mentioned steps to get the job done.

Step1: Get the license after visiting the webpage

First and foremost, you need to get the subscription following the operating system of the target Mac PC. Once you have got access to TheOneSpy instantly get the subscription and credentials.

Step2: Get Physical access on Mac device

Now you should have physical access to the target laptop or desktop computing device. After you have got access then start the process of installation. End up with the process of installation successfully and complete the activation process.

Step3: Activate the web control panel using credentials

Now you need to recall the passcode and ID that you have procured at the time of subscription and further activate your web control panel. Now you are free to use plenty of powerful tools to track Mac laptop desktop devices including a screen recording tool. All the powerful and unique tools help you to track all the activities happening on the target laptop desktop device with a complete time stamp. Let’s discuss it in detail!

Use TheOneSpy MAC monitoring app tools to record the screen of the target device

Live screen recording

The end-user can remotely get access to the target laptop or desktop computer device running with Mac operating systems using the online control panel of the Mac spying software. You can use the web portal further to use the screen recording app. It enables the user to get access to the target device screen connects it with the dashboard and instantly starts live screen recording in a series of short videos of the screen.

After the completion of each video recording, it will be delivered to the web portal. You have already got access to the dashboard and get access to the results and you can watch live recorded videos of the screen and you can get to know all the activities that happened on the screen. It means the user can see all the activities happening on the Mac screen such as browsing activities, bookmarks, social media activities, text messages sent/received, call logs, password applied on the target device, and photo capturing and video recording activities. It means nothing is left unattended on the target device screen running with Mac OS.


TheOneSpy is the best tool for parents and employers to secretly record the Mac screen activities to know about the teen’s and employee’s activities respectively.

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