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Spectrum WiFi Hotspot Plus: Complete Guide on How to Find Spectrum Mobile Hotspot

Everyone knows about Spectrum, it is one of the most famous internet service providers in the USA. Spectrum offers users with incredible speeds and perks with their internet connection. It serves over 26 million users throughout the USA, if you are a consumer, then you must be aware of all the perks that come along with your Spectrum internet connection. You get access to high-speed internet at low prices, reliable connection, and no contractual obligations. That’s not all, you can complete access to the Spectrum WiFi plus hotspot

Spectrum internet connection also offers a brilliant buyout service, if you are currently unhappy with your internet service provider then you can switch to Spectrum. When you leave your provider and switch to Spectrum, then you’ll get up to $500 as a cancellation fee for your current plan. Plus you get “Spectrum WiFi hotspot” with your connection, what more can you ask for from your provider?

Spectrum Wifi Plus Hotspot Service 2022

Spectrum internet users get unlimited access to the following Spectrum WiFi hotspots:

  • SpectrumWiFi
  • Spectrum WiFi Plus
  • CableWiFi
  • Boingo

Spectrum hotspot are almost perfect for you when you are in an area that’s serviced by Spectrum. We suggest that you choose Spectrum WiFi Plus, with that option you get additional encryption and security with your service. How can you access the service? Well, all you have to do is to download the secure profile to your mobile device first. 

CableWiFi and Boingo are best to use when the Spectrum WiFi Network and “Spectrum WiFi plus” aren’t accessible. If you travel daily then we suggest you use CableWiFi and Boingo all the time as they are available in almost thousands of locations all over the USA. 

How to Use Spectrum WiFi Hotspot Without Being a Customer?

Fortunately, even if you aren’t a customer, you can get access to Spectrum mobile hotspot. If you are thinking about how to use “Spectrum WiFi hotspotwithout being a customer Spectrum then it is pretty simple. Spectrum is constantly trying to broaden its consumer base and letting users use their hotspot services to users who aren’t connected to Spectrum. 

If you wish to take a trial of services and check them out for themselves then you can also opt for a 30 minutes trial. You should know that you’ll only be able to use the Spectrum WiFi network. To use CableWiFi or Boingo, you have to be a customer first. 

Connecting to Spectrum Hotspot as a Customer

Belows are the steps to connecting to Spectrum Hotspot as a customer.

If you are a customer then you can connect to the Spectrum mobile hotspot service instantly. To use the “Spectrum hotspot device” you have to follow these steps.

Connecting To Spectrum Hotspot as a Customer

  • Enable WiFi on your mobile device
  • Choose from any of the options: Spectrum WiFi, Spectrum WiFi Plus, CableWiFi, or Boingo. 
  • Enter your Spectrum username and Password.
  • Accept the terms of service and tap on sign in.

Keep these things in mind before accessing the “Spectrum Hotspot” network.

  • You’ll be asked to verify your profile when you sign in for the first time.
  • You can choose a nickname for your device and once you do your device will be automatically connected to the hotspot network before signing in.
  • You can register up to 15 devices from one account but you can only use 5 of them at once. 

Using Spectrum WiFi Plus Hotspot With Access Pass

As we mentioned, you can use the Spectrum hotspot device even if you aren’t a consumer of Spectrum. You can get an access pass to the service and use “Spectrum WiFi Hotspot“. Although you can purchase the access pass for only the Spectrum WiFi network, you can’t access CableWiFi or Boingo. 

You can also get a free 30 minute trial for using the services, follow the steps mentioned below to avail your free trial:

  • Turn on WiFi on your mobile phone.
  • Choose Spectrum WiFi from your list, open your browser and it will redirect you to the sign-in screen. 
  • Choose the option labeled as “Free WiFi Trial”.
  • Enter your details as asked in the boxes below and add the mobile phone to which you wish your OTP to be delivered. 
  • Copy the code you get on your WiFi password screen and start your free trial.

Using Spectrum Hotspot Network

Now that you know how you can access the Spectrum WiFi hotspot, you can access high-speed internet any time, anywhere. You don’t have to worry about accessing your mobile data when you are traveling. Spectrum also allows users to access their hotspot network by showing users the location of their WiFi hotspot. You can also check the availability chart of Spectrum mobile hotspot in your area on the official spectrum website. 

FAQs About Spectrum WiFi Plus Hotspot Network

1. Is the Spectrum WiFi Plus network secure?

The Spectrum WiFi network uses the sign-in and authentication protocols. If you’re a customer of Spectrum internet, then you can choose Spectrum WiFi Plus to add an extra layer of encryption on their connection. 

2. What is CableWiFi?

CableWiFi is a type of wireless network name created through a collaboration of US ISPs, including Altice, Xfinity, Cox Communication, and Spectrum. It gives internet customers access to a collective nationwide 6,00,000 WiFi hotspots. 

3. Out of all the hotspot options, which one should I choose?

Spectrum customers should choose Spectrum WiFi or Spectrum WiFi Plus. You should choose them over CableWiFi and Boingo. If you are a frequent traveler then using CableWiFi is the better choice. 

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